Bay & Bow Windows: Pros and Cons

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Most home renovations involve windows replacement. When heading to the market a lot of homeowners feel dizzy and overwhelmed by the number of possible options offered. Today we would like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of bay and bow windows to clarify the info for you.

Both bay and bow windows project outward of the house. As a rule, they are made of one central window, something like casement, double-hung or picture (fixed) window, and two side windows. The latter parts are set at different angles, starting from 30°, 45°, 60°, or 90° angle. Both bay & bow windows have a deep sill area which is commonly used as a display for various plants. Regardless of what room you choose to decorate with bay or bow windows, they have their own advantages and disadvantages described in the article below.


  • Additional value to a house. Bay and bow windows replacement is very frequently chosen for the aesthetic appeal they offer to a house. On the exterior side the shimmering glass provides the home a clean and very modern look. On the interior side the style always looks elegant and helps create a feeling of extra space. With the help of these windows one can increase square footage and as a result add additional zeros to the resale value of a home.
  • Let natural light get into the house. Bay and bow windows can create perfect panoramic views in the house which means that allow much more natural light to enter the house from multiple directions.
  • Great ventilation. Owing to the possibility of having operable windows at the sides, bay and bow windows replacement offers the homeowner and guests the possibility to enjoy nice breezes from different directions.
  • Versatility. One of the greatest things about bay and bow windows replacement according to professional designers is their versatility in terms of styles. One can find these windows types in a room of any design, from Victorian to modern and hi-tech styles of homes. Moreover, they have no restrictions for the installation places which makes their practical application versatile too. As a rule, people use bay and bow windows for kitchens or living rooms in modern styles.

It is important to mention that while bay and bow windows are most always mentioned together because of their functional similarity, the construction of these units is different. Bow windows have four or even more windows units that are joined together to form an arch, while bay windows have only three main parts.

With no doubt, both bow and bay windows can become a perfect addition to any room of your home, but according to professional representatives of windows replacement companies, there are still several things to be aware about.

It is hard to change bay and bow windows once they are installed because of their usually unique construction and angles of installation. But the most important thing about these windows to know about is that low-budget unties are very risky. Do not try to save on these windows. Never! Enjoy their beauty and functionality and do not take a risk of saving here and know while wasting in the long run.

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