Best Exercise Equipment to Upgrade Your Garage Gym

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Garage gyms are a great addition to any home. You save money on a gym membership and can work out anytime you want. 

So what’s not to love?

But some people feel like they just can’t work up the same sweat at home as they can at a commercial gym. If you already have some gym equipment at home but aren’t getting the same burn as you get at the gym, it might be time to update your equipment.

Benefits Of A Home Gym

If you’re not entirely sure about upgrading your garage gym, here are just a few reasons why you should seriously consider it. 

Having the right equipment means you can convert your garage space into a fully equipped gym with just a few simple purchases. Even if you aren’t spending a lot of time in your garage gym right now, having top-quality equipment at home can help you to start a healthier lifestyle and reach your fitness goals without having to drag yourself to the gym.

What’s more, upgrading your garage gym can add value to your property. Especially since the COVID-19 outbreak, home gyms have increased in popularity and many people now choose to work out at home instead of going to a public gym and sharing equipment with other people. If at some point you decide to sell your home, having a home gym can be a winning factor and prospective buyers are sure to be inspired by your impressive equipment.


There’s a range of equipment that you can purchase to take your garage gym to the next level and make sure you get the same intense workout at home as you would at the gym.

Power Tower

If you are more into bodyweight exercises, a good power tower is definitely the best upgrade for your garage gym. This piece of equipment will upgrade your body weighted exercises and it definitely works multiple muscle groups through a range of enhanced movements including pull-ups, chin-ups, and leg raise.

Best Power Tower: Rogue S-2 Squat Stand With Matador Dip Station

This power tower really stands out when it comes to upgrading garage gym equipment because of its professional quality. Endorsed by professional athletes, Rogue Fitness gym equipment will make you feel like you are at the gym when you’re at home working out.

Power Rack

Just as important as the weights themselves is a decent power rack. One problem with a home gym is that you don’t always have someone to spot you. This is why a good power rack will be your best friend in your home gym. With a power rack, you can do a range of exercises and push your weight limit without risking injury. Once you feel you’ve hit your limit, you can easily drop the weight back onto the power rack.

Best Power Rack: Fitness Reality 810xlt

The best power rack upgrade has to be the Fitness Reality 810XLT because of its high weight capacity and reasonable price. This piece of equipment just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to upgrade your garage gym.

Power Bar

To go with these heavy weight lifting aids, you will need a decent power bar. You probably already have a standard barbell and you might think that having a high-quality power bar in your garage gym won’t make any difference to your weight lifting. But upgrading your power bar can increase comfort, allow you to lift heavier weights, and make your entire workout easier.

Having the correctly sized power bar is also essential if you are training to weightlift professionally. You will need to get used to the size and feel of professional equipment.

Best Power Bar: Rogue Ohio Power Bar (Opb)

Another piece of equipment from Rogue fitness, this power bar pushes the limits when it comes to strength and will have your garage gym competing with professional gyms. The material is durable and reliable so you won’t have to buy another power bar for a long time, which really makes this worth the money.

Barbell Collars

Once you have invested in a quality power bar, the next thing you will need is barbell collars to ensure your weightlifting is safe and effective. Barbell collars keep your plates in place no matter how dynamic your movements are and no matter how heavy you are lifting.

Best Barbell Collars: Rogue Hg 2.0 Collars

This equipment upgrade also comes from Rogue Fitness and goes perfectly with your upgraded power bar. These barbell collars have even had an upgrade themselves with a new spring for quick release and easy weight changes. Although they have a professional quality price tag, these barbell collar upgrades are an essential part of home gym equipment and won’t let you down anytime soon.


If you already have some home gym equipment and aren’t making as much progress as you expected, or are yet to purchase your first piece of home gym equipment, these upgraded garage gym options are definitely worth your attention.

It is easy to equip your garage with cheap workout equipment but don’t be surprised if you find your workout was a lot more effective when you were at the gym using professional quality equipment.

The first step to making progress in your workout is making sure your equipment works for you so try out some of these upgrades and see for yourself what a difference they can make.


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