Best way to clean hardwood floors with a cordless vacuum for home

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Hardwood floors cost a fortune and as such needs to be handled with utmost care. Aside from its aesthetic qualities to you home, it also brings radiance and elegance to your room. 

Hardwood floors are quite strong and durable, but when exposed to water over a prolonged period they may get damaged permanently likewise if anything else is pressed against the floor with force. For instance, dents are made on the floor when you perpetually walk on a dirty wooden floor filled with debris.

Therefore, there is a need to watch the materials we use to clean our hardwood floor. One of such effective gadgets for cleaning hardwood floor is the cordless vacuum and you will read further on the best way to clean hardwood floor using cordless vacuum.

What is a cordless vacuum?

A cordless vacuum cleaner is one that does not make use of a power cord, yet is used to clean hardwood floors. They make use of rechargeable batteries, unlike the conventional vacuum cleaners with cords that has to be connected to any form of power before it works. These cordless vacuum cleaners are often called stick vacuums. Usually, they are light and handheld. This makes them easy to use on areas above and in lower floor as well.      

Many cordless vacuums designed for hardwood floors usually come with different power modes that are adjustable, based on the type of floor you’re faced with.                

What differentiates corded vacuums from cordless vacuums?

  • When compared to corded vacuums, cordless vacuums are thin and lighter. This therefore makes it easier to be used in tight places.  
  • Cordless vacuums have smaller dustbins than corded vacuums making corded vacuums last longer without the need to empty it. You have to keep an eye on the dust level and throw it off when it is full in cordless vacuums.
  • Suction power for corded vacuums is stronger than that of cordless vacuums that are battery dependent. They are capable of being used in areas with lots of debris easily.     
  • There is a direct connection to a power source in corded vacuums unlike cordless vacuums that use rechargeable batteries have shorter runtime making the operator recharge or replace before going ahead with the task.     
  • Cordless vacuums often come with extra attachments for convenience while cleaning areas such as the stairs and difficult areas to access. It’s very easy to convert them to handheld machine for ease.         
  • Conventional corded machines are costlier than their cordless counterparts. They are very durable and are capable of handling heavy tasks which may have been difficult with cordless ones.  

Can Vacuums Work effectively on Hardwood Floors?

Vacuuming a hardwood floor enables the removal of dirt and debris on the floor and the surrounding air. Using this method is very effective for cleaning dirt from hardwood floors when cleaned with the right machine. It is wrong to make use of the older upright vacuum with beater bar on hardwood floors, it’s just wrong. The beater bar may cause more damage to your wooden floor even when it is switched off.

The regular upright vacuum is designed for specific kinds of tile floors and carpets, despite being very powerful and versatile. Its firm bristles get very deep into the carpet and pull out dirt including pet hair. Though this is not recommended on hardwood floors.        

Canister vacuums on the other hand have a padded head, making them soft on the floor. Aside from being a very versatile and utility equipment, canister vacuums are capable of reaching hidden areas like under the furniture and stairs because of their adjustable pieces. Before use, ensure to pad the wheels. 

The only challenge encountered while assembling is that it is often time consuming. However, they are the best picks for cleaning hardwood floors because you don’t have to worry about getting any scratches on it.    

You ought to be careful if you want to make use of robotic vacuums. They are small gadgets that function independently as scheduled. They operate with help from infrared cameras and sensors already put in place. The operator may do this using a remote control system or a phone app. There are lots of advantages of using robotic vacuums as they are very convenient to be used in cleaning hardwood floors.

Which is more effective: Sweeping or vacuuming hardwood floors?

The best alternative to mopping and sweeping hardwood floors is using a vacuum. If done correctly, it eliminates diets from the floor than the conventional broom or dust mop. A vacuum cleaner sucks up the fine dust and dirt and is capable of reaching areas and corners that may be inaccessible and easy to miss for broom and dust mops.      

Using a mop before vacuuming creates mud as a result of moistening of residual dust and soil. This makes your work double as you have to take a longer time in cleaning an area while changing dirty water in the bucket frequently. Using mops and brooms also stir up dirt in the air while cleaning with it. This dirt eventually settles on d floor and other areas later. Worst of it all, third dirt causes harm to your health and that of those around you.  

Best way to vacuum Hardwood Floors without scratches

Before deciding to clean with vacuum, you must be trained or have basic knowledge on how vacuums work. It is always a nightmare to find out you just scratched the floor in a bid to get your vacuum stick. Below are some tips that will put you through before cleaning.     

  1. Ensure to follow precautions such as getting heavy furniture out of your way before cleaning, removing shoes and most importantly, reading the user manual.  
  2. Make use of the most appropriate tool for the job, a canister vacuum is always a better option than the regular upright vacuum. Canister vacuums have extra tools enabling it to get to hidden corners with head padding and is lightweight and easy to carry about.  
  3. Make smooth strokes while vacuuming. The vacuum is capable of sucking the dirt without extra force or pressure applied. Any extra force applied to the nozzle may cause a scratch to the floor or cause damage to machine.  
  4. Certain spots may have more dirt and debris than others, requiring extra power. For stains that stick to the floor, a recommended solution to it is the use of a microfiber cloth. This is the reason why cordless vacuums have different power options, ranging from low to high.   
  5. Ensure to change the nozzle to the correct one while dealing with little corners and areas to avoid scratching. 
  6. Always keep the airways and filters clean, ensure to take out the bin and replace the brushes if need be. 

What to look out for while getting a vacuum for hardwood floor?

The key to a shiny and smooth surface after cleaning your hardwood floor is getting a good hardwood vacuum. It eliminates scratches, scuff marks as well as dirt streaks from the floor. Here are a few things you should really look out for:         

  1. Ensure that the bristles on the vacuum cleaner don’t have strong rush rolls or beater bars. Firm bristles are very good when used for carpet cleaning. However, when used for hardwood floors, the effect is scratched and scuffed floor you end up regretting.    
  2. The suction power must be strong enough to sick in dirt and debris from the surface of the floor as soon as possible. In the series, the least to opt for is one with 1,000 watts. 
  3. It should have strong battery life and last long enough to enable you to carry out the tasks without unnecessary interruptions. 
  4. Your vacuum must have the necessary tools for cleaning crevices. This makes cleaning of every part very easy. The tools are capable of reaching areas and edges that may be difficult or tight under the furniture. 
  5. Your choice of a vacuum must be strong and versatile. It should be capable of carrying out expected tasks easily without any form of mechanical damage. 
  6. It should be cost effective and budget friendly. Good quality vacuums are often expensive but it is still possible to get one that is strong and versatile at a very cost friendly price.  
  7. It should be durable and of excellent quality to serve it purpose long enough without damage or breakdown.



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