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Birds Are Amazing Creatures, but They Can Be Dangerous To Human Health

If lots of birds have started to roost on your building then you need to get help from a good bird nest removal Phoenix AZ company before they cause further problems.

Most people are not aware of the fact that having birds in the vicinity of one’s home can be quite dangerous to one’s health. These feathered creatures are quite beautiful to look at but it is not wise to share living space with them, especially if there are many of them. This is why a reliable bird nest removal AZ service is needed.

Few people these days would stand by, and watch the whole-sale slaughter of pesky birds. That said, science and technology have combined to shoo away the culprits, rather than destroy them. 

Various bird species seem determined to live closely with their human counterparts. Pigeons, crows, blackbirds, sparrows, startling, and others. They can be fun to watch, but unfortunately, they leave unsightly messes. 

Birds also cause damage to man-made structures. Birds seem intrusive for other reasons as well. They make an excessively loud noise or sometimes act territorial. Its a fact: Birds carry 60 different known fungi, bacterial and viral diseases; including bird flu, and West Nile virus. 

Bird droppings, and nests, contain parasites. Bird feces are corrosive to wood, concrete, metal, and paint. Awnings and shelter tops may be stained, and then destroyed. Birds do not discriminate; commercial and private properties are subject to bird damage.

Currently, there are several bird control methods available to help limit bird perching. From non-lethal spray devices to bird spikes, modern technology has been applied to the problem. 

One device, which has been tested and approved by several bird advocacy groups around the world, is bird spikes. These 3-12″ high rows of plastic or stainless steel spikes have been rated high at preventing birds from landing on, or walking to, prime perching stations. 

Ledges, rooftops, street lights, and business signs can all be protected effectively from bird infestation. Several variations in bird spike design allow for easy installation in a wide variety of problem areas.

Bird spikes have several advantages over other forms of bird control products. Once installed, the bird control product is almost invisible from a distance. The bird spikes are made from long-lasting, corrosion-resistant metals like stainless steel or UV protected plastics like polycarbonate. 

Blunt tip options are available for municipalities where sharp tips might be banned. There is an added benefit to installing bird spikes; they act as a barrier to climbing animals, like raccoons, squirrels, cats, and rodents.

The biggest problem associated with living in close proximity with birds is that these creatures can spread a lot of diseases. 

Their droppings, as well as their nests, carry a variety of bacteria and viruses that can be harmful to health. Once the droppings dry, the spores contained in them become airborne and can, therefore, be easily breathed in. 

Common birds that live close to humans and which therefore cause problems are pigeons, starlings, and sparrows. Coastal areas tend to have large concentrations of seagulls.

Birds can cause other problems as well. Their droppings contain chemicals that can corrode the exterior of buildings. In fact, the highly acidic droppings can even damage concrete and steel. The value of a building can drop tremendously because of the damage that the building has suffered. The other problem associated with the bird droppings is that they can make the floor slippery and a hazard to walk on. Building owners will be liable for any damage suffered by a person who slips because of the droppings.

If your building becomes home to lots of birds then you can expect quite a few complaints from the people who live in neighboring buildings unless to take steps to get them under control. 

As a matter of fact, you need to get professional bird removal Phoenix professionals to help to manage your bird problem because it will simply be too much for you to manage on your own. The only acceptable way to deal with this problem is a humane one. You certainly cannot expect to solve the problem by killing the birds.

You will be able to enjoy better health and also maintain the value of your property if you get a professional pest management company to get rid of the birds that roost there. 

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