Buying a New House for Seniors?

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When children grow up and have moved away and you’re now facing an empty bedroom, of course you’ll feel lonely. 

And this is the primary reason why a lot of older adults tend to seek some reasonably priced new homes that don’t really compromise on convenience, quality, or space but at the same time have a more relaxed and mature ambiance.

There are a lot of things to consider especially for their age, but here are the essentials for buying a new house for seniors.

Get Some Answers from a Credible Real Estate Agent

Even though senior citizens can particularly use the services of a typical real estate agent, in a lot of cases it is actually more beneficial to deal with people that are more familiar with the present needs of elderlies.

Various real estate agencies are now equipped with personnel who’re SRES or Senior Real Estate Specialists. These individuals are experts in giving housing choices for those 50 and above.


Luxurious or Just a Simple House

What is seemingly cheap to a particular person may actually be quite luxurious or could be very simple. It’s crucial that anyone interested in a brand new, reasonably priced home to take a look at their current financial standing before even picking a new place to settle.

In particular, senior citizens must be aware of the various housing considerations and costs when picking a brand new house. Property taxes, mortgage interest, renovation costs, homeowners’ association fees, closing fees, and moving costs are some of the expense items to be considered.

These particular expenses must be compared to a realistic income standing in order to see if the new house is genuinely cheap.

A lot of senior citizens may be on a fixed or reduced income and might not be able to handle some unexpected expenses linked with the new house. This is the very reason why investigating the incoming costs is a very wise move as you can guarantee the best financial option out there.

In addition to that, certain expenses like hobbies, travel, and health care must also be considered so that living into a new place doesn’t mean limiting an active and passionate lifestyle.


Home Considerations for Seniors

No matter what the design of the house is, elderlies must pick houses with ideal locations, amenities, and certain considerations for their chosen lifestyle.

You see, purchasing a reasonably priced new house for a senior citizen doesn’t really equate to an isolated and small house.

That said, here are the three main house considerations for seniors:


For all we know, the upkeep of every house can be quite hard. But the thing here is that cheap new houses for senior citizens are usually built to eliminate or significantly reduce this maintenance stuff.

A lot of homeowners’ associations have already prepared the solution for any kinds of maintenance like snow removal, landscaping, and other essential upkeep. Because of these, elderly homeowners can enjoy their new house instead of spending their precious time maintaining it.

Houses engineered with elderlies in mind are less likely in need of large-scale renovations, because what’s really important is to assist them in their reduced mobility because of aging.



Even the most well-built houses or communities might become a financial blunder if it’s not in an ideal area.

A lot of elderlies nowadays usually have an active lifestyle. That’s why a new house must be incorporated with an easy access to primary transportation routes. Public facilities like shopping centers, resorts, art galleries, museums, libraries, and other community facilities must also be nearby.

Senior citizens with health issues may also want to think about their new house’s location to emergency and health care facilities.       



Community and home amenities are some of the most essential considerations for new houses for elderlies. Senior-friendly features, energy efficiency of appliances, smaller lot sizes for hassle-free maintenance, spacious floor plans, and even a walk in tub for seniors are items to evaluate if possible.

Aside from interior features, a lot of elderlies are also most likely interested in community amenities. These include elegant architecture and building design, meeting spaces, community landscaping and walking trails, whirlpools, tennis courts, pools, and fitness facilities.


Types of Affordable New Homes for Seniors

There are 3 main types of reasonably priced houses that are suitable for seniors. These include:

Senior Community Homes

This type is a kind of housing development that is obviously being aimed toward senior citizens. Senior community homes are elegant and spacious but are made with seniors in mind. This is the reason why senior community houses are an awesome pick for elderlies interested in a stress-free home perfect for their current lifestyle.

Town Homes

Usually, larger and more independent than any other kind of houses, town homes will still have less maintenance costs compared to a regular home. Moreover, the good thing about town homes is that they have more room for customizations in order to meet the seniors’ needs and taste.


Condominiums need less upkeep compared to a regular house. But for all we know, the most common factor why some prefer condos is that they are convenient and luxurious. Condominiums are perfect for active elderlies.

More Tips on Finding Affordable Homes for Seniors

Seeking a reasonably priced house can be a daunting task in many senior housing options nowadays.

Perhaps, the most ideal way to get a perfect home is to explore local information resources like housing magazines and newspapers. It’s also a good idea to get some idea from experienced and credible realtors.

Elderly resources like recreation facilities and health care, websites, and magazines can also give good recommendations for elderly communities.




Getting some reasonably priced houses for senior citizens are very important. Even though it would most likely be based from the seniors’ preferences, most of the time as long as they can meet their basic needs and wants, they will most likely be satisfied.

You see, it’s important to take care of our elderlies because they’ve already contributed a lot in this world. Make sure to show some love because they all deserve good services, products, facilities, and of course home!


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