Choosing the Right Builder for Your Tiny Home: 8 Tips

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Is locating the right builder for your tiny home, making you have sleepless nights? If yes, then
know you’re in the right place and at the right time. Finding your dream builder might be a time-
consuming and stressful task. But then, it is worth it.
Building a small house plan might seem like a simple task that anyone can accomplish. However,
there’s so much at stake here. Your safety, investment and time are at stake. For that reason, you
need someone with experience for your tiny home project, not just some guy from the street who
hasn’t done any of such projects in his lifetime.
Below are tips you can deploy to find your dream builder.

1. Create a long list of tiny home builders around

First off, create a list of home builders nearby. You can do this by conducting your research
online. Another way is to approach people who have their tiny homes built by a professional.
Take a closer look at their houses and see if you admire them. If yes, then don’t fail to request for
the contact and name of the professionals they hired.
Another resource to find a list of contractors is the Home Builders Association in your locality.
You can approach them and request for a list of contractors. And ensure they provide only
contractors residing in your area. Once your list of tiny home builders is ready, you can start
visiting them one by one.

2. Request for samples of their previous projects

No contractor will agree that they cannot handle a specific project. Instead, they will try to
convince you that they can verbally. But you shouldn’t agree to their verbal claims. Remember,
you’re investing your hard-earned money on the project and need great value for it. So seek
visible proof that they can handle your building project.
In this case, you should ask the proposed contractor to provide samples of previous work and
make sure it’s their project. For that, you can request for physically addresses so you can visit
and see for yourself. A contractor can take pictures of a building constructed by a different
contractor and claim ownership.

3. Evaluate the cost of your proposed tiny home

What’s the value of your new house going to be? Ensure you find out before kick-starting your
building project. This step is essential if you want to start and finish your building project at the
stipulated time. It will also keep you from not blowing your budget.
Well, indeed, the cost of a tiny luxury house cannot be compared to a larger family house. Still, a
huge chunk of money is involved in the former. So, be mindful of the cost of your tiny little

home. First off, start by interviewing the different building contractors you have on your list to
know the prices they’re willing to accept.
However, you shouldn’t just agree with the builder that offers the least price because it’s
cheaper. Instead, consider other variables. Compare the quality of their past projects, costs, and
what was included in the finished houses. That way, you will be able to make an informed
decision on who to hire.

4. A background check is necessary

How much do you know about your proposed contractor? Let’s say you have seen and liked
most of their previous projects. But outside that, have you done a background check on the
contractor to know their past?
It’s possible for a contractor that has been in the business for years to have a history of negative
complaints from customers. Some might even have a not-so-good litigation history. However,
negative feedback is a normal thing. Even the best contractor in town might have had one or two
negative feedback from customers, but it’s not a deal-breaker.
Your primary concern is to know how they responded to those complaints even after collecting
payment. You should also find out if all the people complaining are saying the same thing. And
don’t forget to check the local rules and regulations before embarking on the project.

5. Consider the proposed delivery time

How long will your new house take to be ready? That’s something you need to figure out. If you
are planning to move into the apartment at a specific time, you must communicate this to the
It will not be reasonable to hire a builder that will not deliver the project at the stipulated time.
That will bring more frustration and avoidable stress. So before you hire a builder, make sure
your project will be delivered at the agreed time. Ask other tiny homeowners who have used
their services about how reliable they are. That will give you some idea on their track record and
help you decide whether to hire or not.

6. Consider the payment plan

After finding a suitable builder for your project, the next step would be to discuss the payment
plan. Will payment be according to the industry standard for the construction of new homes? In
this case, you will have to pay only 10 percent when you and the builder agree on the project and
puts pen to paper. Next can be three installments of 25 percent of the agreed sum for the entire

contract when the project starts. Then, the final 15 percent can be paid after 30 days or more. But
keep in mind that such an agreement isn’t written in stone.
You can agree with the builder to pay less than 25 percent when the project kicks-off. That’s
between you and him or her. But watch out for builders who are too desperate. They may urge
you to pay more upon signing the contract and consequently. It’s a sign that they are afraid you
might not want to complete payment when you find out that they cannot deliver the expected
quality. An experienced and top-quality builder will not be bothered by these things. They will
ensure you get the exact quality you seek or might even surpass your expectations.

7. Ask for a recommendation from house owners

Another easy way to choose the right builder is to seek recommendations from others. Your
focus will be to approach tiny house owners to figure out the best builder in the area. You can
also check online to know what others are saying about the company.
Asking your future neighbors or friends who they hired for their work will also help you find the
right builder quicker.

8. Ask pertinent questions

Your physical meeting with each builder on your list should not be to discuss payment alone.
Instead, use that opportunity to find out how much they know about your proposed project and
small house projects, in general.
You can ask questions about the best materials that will last longer. The answer you get for this
and other aspects of your project will reveal how creative and knowledgeable the proposed
builder is.

Wrapping it up

Undertaking a tiny house construction project is a wonderful journey. But it’s more exciting
when you have the right builder working for you. There are tons of builders out there. So it’s
easy to find one for your project without stress. However, the primary focus is finding the right
builder that can deliver the quality you seek. You are investing your hard-earned money on the
project and would need the best value. So, if you want to make the right choice, use the tips
above to pick the builder for your new house.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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