Clever ways to boost the price tag on your house

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As well as being our home, when we buy any property we do so as a major investment with the hope that when we come to sell, it will have increased in value and that we will make money – in a nutshell, we want to sell the house fast and for a higher price than we paid! There are a number of clever things you can do to prepare your house for sale and ensure that you get the best possible price for it.

If you have decided that you would like to sell, it is well worth taking some time to ensure that your property is at its best, as this will ensure that it fetches the best price possible and if it is attractive, hopefully it will sell fast. There are many improvements that can be made and those costing relatively little are well worth considering. The main thing is that you must make your house appealing by ensuring that prospective buyers do not feel that they cannot live with any particular room or decoration as it will ‘put them off’ if they feel they have to start decorating as soon as they move in. If you are thinking about undertaking some larger renovations or alterations, these will need some good research first because they may not significantly increase the value of your home.

First impressions count!

If a property looks clean, tidy and presentable it is saying to potential buyers ‘buy me’! House buyers like to see properties that have been well cared for and look good enough to move into without maintenance and decorating jobs that have to be tackled straight away.

A critical view

Stand across the road and take a good look at your property – be critical about what you see, because any potential buyers will be!

Does the garden look tidy?

Is the grass nicely cut and the edges trimmed? Are hedges and trees looking well maintained? Is the pathway and drive clean or are they covered in moss with weeds growing in the cracks? It costs mainly time to put these right and yet the difference is quickly evident.

If you have flower beds in your garden, are they freshly dug and are they full of flowers and shrubs? Colour in the garden always enhances its looks and whilst shrubs and many perennials can be costly, cheap colourful annuals will definitely make the difference. If the front of your house looks dull, it can be quickly transformed with cheerful hanging baskets or window boxes. Interest can be added by hooking a hanging basket onto the lower branches of one of the trees or adding a bird box or stylish thermometer.

Is the paintwork in good shape?

Cracking, peeling paintwork can make a house look really tired and neglected, but this can be quickly put right and reasonably cheaply. A fresh coat of paint will improve first impressions and make your property looks fresh and clean. Choose the paint colour carefully though as buyers prefer conservative shades for outside paintwork. All white looks clean, whilst navy, burgundy and forest green all look smart. Black is best avoided as many feel it is a sombre colour and pinks, oranges and yellows do not have universal


Concealing rubbish bins

Rubbish bins are necessary but not attractive! It is important that they are well scrubbed and look clean and tidy and if you can tuck them away out of view – even better! If not, is there any way that they can be stored behind a piece of decorative trellis? Trellis is cheap to buy and can be fixed in place with a colourful climbing plant in a pot in front of it. If you fancy growing some vegetables but don’t have the room, some tomato, cucumber or courgette plants in a plastic trough and trained up the trellis will certainly prove a conversation piece!

A welcoming front door

A good looking front door really is important as it says so much to potential house buyers. If the paint work is in good condition, that’s great, but would a smart brass door knocker add character? Is the house number in good condition of yellowed plastic and old fashioned? All types of smart house numbers are available that will add style. A smart door mat is not only welcoming, it is a practical addition too.

Moving inside

It is time well spent to critically assess each room in turn. First and foremost, each room must be clean and tidy as nobody wants to move into a dirty house. Clutter is unattractive so ‘clear the decks’ and try and streamline each room. If a room looks tired then a fresh coat of paint will be a quick and economic remedy. Choose a neutral colour such as magnolia as these colours are much preferred by house buyers who are keen to put ‘their own stamp’ on their new home.

Spend time arranging the furniture to make the room look as spacious as possible. If you need extra storage for the streamlining programme, under bed boxes and tiers of decorative hat boxes are both great solutions. If a room needs a quick fix, it is amazing what new light shades and a colourful throw can do. Leafy houseplants or a tiered plant rack can cheer up dreary corners.

If larger investments are needed

Time must be spent assessing how much difference a bigger job they will really make to the value of your home – to ensure it is money well spent. Don’t even consider something major like knowing smaller rooms into a larger one as this might not be what potential buyers want. Other larger projects include replacing carpets, which is rarely worth doing as the colour and design might not be what the new owners had in mind. If carpets are ‘past their prime’ and there are floorboards underneath, a cheaper and more practical solution is to rip out the carpets, paint the floorboards and add a scatter rug or two.

In the kitchen, if the units look tired  or old fashioned, it is amazing what wonders a set of new cupboard handles and new work tops can do. Again, think ‘streamlined’ and try and clear work surfaces of clutter wherever possible.

Bathrooms are another room that can quickly look dated. Changing the bath or basin can be a costly exercise, but maybe painting the tiles or bath panel, changing the flooring or adding a smart under basin cupboard will  make a  relatively big difference for a modest cost.

And the best tip of all….

House buyers love to feel that they are entering a ‘happy home’ so welcome them warmly and make sure that you have a cake or some bread baking in the oven, or a pot of freshly brewed coffee on the go as both of these appealing smells could help sell your house fast.

Don’t have the time to increase your home’s value & want to sell up fast?

If you don’t have the time or even the resources to spend on your property and are in a rush to sell your house fast then websites like may be an option for you

They guarantee to buy any house regardless of it’s condition all within 7-14 days.

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