Common Garage Door Problems You Need to Know

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Up, down, up, down. It’s the  typical routine of garage doors until the time comes when they won’t work anymore. Garage doors offer security and convenience for your home and vehicles. But just like any mechanical device, issues are likely to appear after years of use. 

The good news is that some issues are easy to repair and you can do it yourself. Below are a few common garage door problems you need to know and how to fix them. 

Noisy Garage Doors

A noisy garage door can cause multiple problems, particularly for those whose bedroom is next to or above the garage. But don’t worry. The good news is that most noisy garage doors can be repaired by replacing several parts and with a combo of routine maintenance. 

The following are some quick fixes you can do to correct the problem:

  • Secure the hardware. Tighten all the bolts and screws on your garage door track, inspect for damaged parts, and replace when needed. Then, don’t forget to spray lubricant to all the moving parts. 
  • Replace damaged rollers. You can do it by unbolting the hinge and changing the roller out of the door track. 
  • Install new hinges. Take note that disorganized hinges can cause lots of noise and make the door to wear out the joints at the door sections. So, if there are any worn hinges, replace them. Metal fillings and gray dust are early signs of wear. 
  • Grease the door track. Lubricate the door track with grease that will not attract dust and dirt. Opt for garage door lubes and avoid other types of lubricants. Because even if they are affordable, these lubricants can’t penetrate well and tend to pick up grit and dust. 

Garage Door Won’t Close All The Way

When your garage door won’t close completely and does not reverse, you may need to adjust the limit switch. A garage door opener arrives with an adjustable switch that determines how low the garage door should be to close all the way in. 

If the limit switch is high for your door opening, the garage door might not close completely. The limit switch is a preventive measure that keeps people from having the door close on them or being hit. Adjusting the limit switch will put a stop to your door from functioning improperly. 

Also, most garage doors have multiple ways of adjusting the limit switches. However, there’s typically a screw on the motor unit that’s rotated to modify how far the garage door descends. If you’re not confident about fixing this, call a Perth garage door expert right away. 

Broken Window Glass

Most homeowners entertain sports and play activities in their backyards, and your garage door window can likely suffer from broken glass now and then. Despite the cause, it is imperative to fix broken glass immediately because it’s considered a security and safety problem. 

Also, it is an invitation to every insect and bird. The good news is that it’s not hard to replace a pane of broken glass. All you need to do is to clean the frame and remove the broken glass. Then, measure the frame using a tape measure to determine the new window glass size. 

If you want, you can cut glass by yourself to the desired size. Ensure to wear safety gloves and glasses when doing this. 

Frozen Garage Door

For sure, you most appreciate and need the ease of opening and closing your garage door right away. Unfortunately, during the winter season, cold and moisture can work together to make this more difficult. 

Take note that garage doors can and do harden to the garage floor. Often, it’s only a slight icy connection between the garage door and the garage floor that can be fixed when you hit the opener button.

However, if the garage door does not open on the first try, don’t keep hitting the opener button. Because when you do, it will likely cause more issues such as worn-out motors on the garage door opener and stripped gears. 

Alternatively, you can make use of a hair dryer or heat gun to free the door and melt the ice. Also, some de-icing products can work. Moreover, use a flat shovel to chip away the ice to not damage the garage door. 

Once the garage door is open, make sure to clear away any snow, ice, or water from the floor under the garage door. In the future, keep this area dry to prevent it from freezing. 


These common garage door issues can be fixed easily with the right tools and steps, allowing you to keep your garage door working for a long time. Additionally, it’d be best to have an ounce of prevention by regularly inspecting your garage door and making sure all the parts are in their best condition. 


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