Creative Ways Of House Decoration For Newly Married Couples

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When it comes to newly married couples, many concerns need to be addressed. While one might miss home and sleep, the other is worried about decorating their new home. Many newlyweds will have difficulty deciding on a colour palette or find that they’re not quite sure what goes together, so they need to do some research and find ways of making their homes feel theirs and theirs alone. This can be done by making the most of existing décor and adding new pieces to the mix. It’s important for newly married couples to focus on the sense of occasion and vibration that will come with their wedding. While one might be focusing on throwing themselves a lavish party, a newlywed couple needs to consider the feelings of their home.


Romantic details:

While the colours that their colours and their décor choices differ from one another, there is a way in which couples can tie those details together. A newlywed couple can add fresh flowers and candles to the home for many romantic vibes and help tie everything together that makes this space feel like theirs. Couples are often drawn back to the home in which they grew up, so it’s essential to bring back some of those old favourite colours that they had spent so much time with as children. For some couples, this can be as simple as playing up on the colour scheme or even in a room altogether.

Now, when it comes to adding new pieces to the mix, couples should ensure they’re comfortable with the idea of having a walk-in closet. It is not uncommon for newlyweds to leave their old apartment and become so used to having space that they forget about the fact that this often isn’t the case in a larger home. To ensure that their newlywed home doesn’t feel overwhelming, couples can use large closets and add shelving to utilize every bit of space.


Furnishing the bedroom:

Many couples will be surprised to find that many styles like the acoustic panel that they’ve grown accustomed to are not going to fit into their new space. This can make it difficult for them to know where exactly they will find room for each piece of furniture in their home. To make sure that they are utilizing every single corner of the house, it’s important for couples not to take away from their personal space as well as joint space. This can be a great place to start if a couple has a large rug. Couples should be able to lay out their bedding and extra pillows as they see fit. It’s also essential for couples to make sure that they’re leaving room for a couch or even an entertainment system. Whether it’s something that’s been passed down to the family or brand new, couples should consider the size of their television and how they’ll be able to mount it on the wall to not make the room feel crowded.


The bathroom:

The bathroom can also be a nice little space for couples to add pieces of furniture that might feel out of place in another room. A bathroom can make a great place for books and magazines to make the space feel cosier and more like home. The bathroom is also the perfect spot for couples looking to utilize some towels and toiletries they received as a wedding gift. Couples should also be sure to leave extra space for the shower caddy, a sink and a toilet.


The kitchen:

A kitchen can also be an excellent place for couples to add some extra furniture. While newlyweds often want to leave their dining table and chairs as is, this can cause issues when it comes time for them to place the table for six at Thanksgiving. Couples can purchase a new table similar in size to the one they have currently or clear off the top of their current dining room set and add a new matching piece from one of their favourite stores.


Living room:

Couples should avoid trying to add too many pieces of furniture to the living room and instead find a way in which they will be able to utilize their space and draw in some of their favourite pieces. Couples can find ways in which they will be able to move couches against one another or even add a cosy area of seating for two in the corner of the room.


Plan the décor in the house together:

While it might sound like a daunting task to try and plan the décor in their new home, couples need to make sure that they can set aside enough time and focus on this task together. To take into consideration every last detail of their new home, they can take a trip to the store together. Couples can also plan this experience with their friends or family members so that they will be able to help them through the process. Once couples have gone to the store together, they can lay everything out to get an idea of what will work best for their space and budget. It’s essential for couples to set aside time and focus on this task every day to make sure that this is a process that comes together smoothly and efficiently.


Make the most of the space you have:

Unfortunately, most newly married couples don’t have enough space to be able to purchase every piece of furniture that they might want. Couples need to keep that in mind before they begin the process of getting all of these new pieces. They will also want to remember that often times this is the first time moving into a home with another person. For them to feel comfortable and relaxed, couples need to strive for a sleek and minimalistic style instead of a hugely ornate and cluttered style.



Whether you’re a newly married couple or just looking to buy a new home, one of the best things you can do is make sure that your living space will be perfect for you. Although it might seem like an overwhelming task, it’s important to remember that this is the part of your home that will make you feel most like yourselves in the years to come. It’s also essential for couples to remember that the trick will be to find a way to make their home feel cosy and intimate, even with all of these new pieces.

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