Extreme House Selling

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The concept of Extreme House Selling is supported by The House Shop and is a phrase used by property expert Nick Marr . Selling a property without an agent by its very nature requires an individual to become proactive, for those with the motivation extreme house selling could well be the answer to selling a home fast. However Extreme House Selling is not for homeowners alone, professionals including estate agents and media companies can all become extreme house sellers.

So what is Extreme House Selling?
Extreme House Selling is being proactive and doing “everything possible to sell homes”. Extreme House Selling goes way beyond what most Estate Agents and Home Sellers normally do to sell their homes.
None of us can change the market, but we can try to make the most of a really tough market. Private home sellers can take ownership, accept responsibility, make decisions and take massive actions to sell their property. Estate Agents can step away from the blanket approach normally applied to the majority of their stock.

See Extreme House Selling in Action

The objective of Extreme Home Selling is to Sell Homes Quicker for More Money – There are no guarantees!

Offering a reward to anyone who finds a buyer
Formerly The House Shop offered Referral Rewards this is a great example of vendors selling a property online employing an extreme house selling technique. The strategy deployed effectively means that sellers are head and shoulders above the competition and can help create a huge marketing team.

Estate agents don’t do extreme house selling!

Estate agents can be used as part of your strategy in getting your property noticed. Using multiple agents or agents that specialise in certain types of homes will enhance your marketing. Some estate agents may be motivated enough to employ Extreme House Selling techniques themselves.
Standing out from the crowd
The fact that an estate agent may have applied similar marketing strategies to all of their homes could mean that you are able to take advantage of the situation. This blanket marketing approach means that all a seller has to do is to introduce something different to their marketing and you will effectively stand out from the crowd.The fact is that the concept requires that only a few people become Extreme House Sellers. 
nick marr
The House Shop Director, Nick Marr

“Homeowners are in a great position to adopt extreme house selling methods by doing anything that promotes their homes which is legal and moral you will become an extreme house seller. Clients at The House Shop have taken the first step by marketing their homes themselves and have already broken away from the norm. Consider what else you can do to get your house in front of as many people as possible whilst offering added value. Pricing is still one of the most important factors and you must make sure you are beating the competition with your proposal. Remember there is no one single recipe its about creating a unique hook that attracts the attention of the wider media”

Using Social Media to sell your property read more here: Social Media and Selling Property Online
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