George Clarke Smarter Homes

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George Clarke Smarter Homes


George Clark Smarter Homes helpe owners save money and save the environment . Now one of the most well-known property experts (aka Restoration Man) on TV, and in this series, George Clarke explains how you can make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In the seven part series, the Sunderland born guru shares loads of tips that can make every house ‘smarter’ – from energy efficient light bulbs to insulating your loft.


“People aren’t going to change their habits just to save the environment,” George told the Daily Telegraph. They need to see the benefits for themselves.”


In this series, the 38 year old explains that the best way to make properties more sustainable is to adopt a holistic approach, recognising that saving energy needs to help homeowners without imposing significant additional costs.


He adds: “There is a perception that eco-designed homes are new builds, with a lot of hi-tech modern features. But all homes need to become eco-homes if we are to reduce carbon emissions in line with the Kyoto Protocol. Just think how much energy – and money, when it comes to fuel bills – can be saved with roof insulation and double glazing alone,” he says.

What is a Smarter Home?



George Clarke’s Smarter Homes Episode Guide


Episode 1 – George gives an overview of how small changes to your home could save you a small fortune on your energy bills


Episode 2 – George looks at how you can cut your heating bills by making small changes to the way you heat your home


Episode 3 – Kitchens use 40% of your home energy, and George gives you handy tips on how you can reduce your energy consumption and bills in the kitchen


Episode 4 – George shows you how making small changes in your home can drastically reduce the amount of water that you use every year


Episode 5 – George provides tips on how you can reduce your energy consumption and your home fuel bills


Episode 6 – George looks at how to prevent heat loss in your home, through better insulated windows, lofts and walls


Episode 7 – George explains how to source materials for your home from the right places. It’s never been easier to choose materials such a kitchen units, wallpaper and furniture that are environmentally sustainable. George helps you understand how to improve your home responsibly

Saving money

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Questions about George Clarke


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