How do you make the outdoor more kids friendly?

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In this era of laptops, mobile phones, and the Internet, we seem to have confined our kids to the indoors. There is a severe lack of outdoor activities in our child’s routine. In the long run, it has an adverse effect not only on mental and physical health but also weakens the social skills of our child. Glued to the television and mobile phones, today, they are missing out on the immense benefits of physical activities. The benefits of kids playing outside outweigh almost everything else. 

Encouraging kids to spend more time outdoors

However, having said and understood all these aspects, the question remains –how? The best way is to create an outdoor play area in your yard or garden. Your kids will love it. Creating this outdoor area exclusively for your kids is not that difficult, after all. 

A little bit of creativity, and some planning will make this task easier. We have compiled some practical and innovative tips for a great outdoor play area for your kids. The underlying theme is to provide them with a space that engagingly involves physical activities, along with a few mental exercises. 

Implement these ingenious ideas for transforming your backyard or garden.


  • An area for free movement


First and foremost, the area should have ample space for active space. Not only will it make the space enjoyable, but it will also make your kids remain physically active. 

Introduce a small slide, ladder, and climbing domes. Sufficient space is also needed for pulling and pushing the wagon. Hopping, jumping, and swinging activities should also be there. Along with it earmark an area for batting and playing ball games. 


  • Keep it exciting and natural


Use your creativity, consult a few friends, and do your research on the Internet. You will have plenty of ideas to ensure the outdoor play area for your kids remain natural and engaging. 

Use natural material and paint them with bright colors. Alternatively, you can add a few plants and guide the kids to take proper care of those. The grass is essential in this area as it will absorb the impact when your kids jump or fall during playtime. 


  • For your kids


You can make the outdoor play area for your kids a little more elaborate. We suggest to you how. You can start with adding chalkboard walls; they will love to scribble on it. You can also opt to create a small zip line, and it is an enjoyable activity. 

Furthermore, you can add a treehouse, a camping area, and a trampoline too. 


  • Elaborate and yet simple & safe


Yes, that will remain the priority while designing and planning the outdoor play area for your kids. The area needs to be detailed to retain the interest of your kids for a longer duration. It obviously means that you need to include a lot of activities here.

However, the whole needs to be planned in an uncomplicated manner, with the safety of your kids being the top priority. 


  • Storage Area


It is going to be an essential space for the outdoor play area of your kids. You want to ensure that the benefits of kids playing outside remain holistic, and this space will serve the purpose. Teach your kids to remove the clutter and arrange all the toys and materials systematically in the storage area. The learning from this will go a long way into making them as responsible adults.

Yes, didn’t we tell you that all it takes is your imagination and preparation to have an outdoor play area that your kids will consider a paradise. 


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