How To Advertise Your Property on Google

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No matter what your budget, you can display a bespoke advert linked to your property advert on Google search results and advertising network. Connect with potential home buyers who are searching on terms that you think are most relevant. The more targeted the search term the lower the cost the you will find a buyer searching for a property to buy just like yours.

Google advertising for consumers is called AdWords, adverts you create for your property appear alongside or above results on Google search results pages for Google Web search, Google Groups, and the Google Directory. Ads can also appear on the relevant websites and products in the Google Network.

Our Google Advertising Service

For those that don’t want to risk an expensive mistake The House Shop provide a bespoke Google advertising service that can help you,
go to sell property using Google Advertising.

 Managed Google advertising campaigns
The House Shop help homeowners advertise in Google with a managed Google advertsing campaign.

Targeted audience
Google AdWords is a good way to target new audiences on Google and appear on relevant websites.
Control your spending
You can edit your ads and adjust your budget until you get the results that you want. You can also display a variety of ad formats and even target your ads to specific languages and geographic locations.
Measurable value

There’s no minimum spending requirement or time commitment. And with the cost-per-click option, you’re only charged if people click your ads. This means that every pound of your budget goes towards bringing a buyer to your listing.
Why Advertise on Google
The House Shop is a very highly ranked website on Google and our property listings enjoy prominent exposure on this leading search engines however no website appears for every targeted term and Adwords is great way to plugging that gap.
Easy to do
You can get immediate advertising on Google using GOOGLE ADWORDS to promote your property page directly in their sponsored ads shown alongside the main search results. It’s actually very easy and quite cost effective as you only pay for the people who actually click on your ad and view your property. You can start and stop the campaign any time which makes it a highly useful method of boosting your on-line marketing whenever you wish.
Best of all, your ads will start running a few minutes after you set up your account.


DIY Google campaign
Log on to Google UK and follow the links to “Advertising Programmes” and “Google Adwords” or click here:

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