How to Keep Your Flat as New For Several Years

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The thrill and excitement of building or buying a new home is the best part of owning a home for most people. You enjoy choosing new materials and paint colours and furnishing to customize your new living space. But, after some years, the thrill will be gone, especially if you don’t know how to keep your flat looking new for several years.

You may not train your pets to quit shedding or coat your living space with Teflon. But, before you send your entire family to live with your grandma, there are strategies you should try to keep your space looking new.

Remove Stains from the Porous Marble

The porous surface in your flat is prone to different types of staining. As such, you must remove stains immediately after they occur. However, there are times when this might not be possible. But regardless of when or how it happened, you can still restore your marble’s beauty.

The Marble Institute of America shares different methods for stain removal. Try these methods to remove different types of stains from your marble surfaces. If unable to do the job on your own, call an expert. Cleaning your current counters is cheaper than installing new counters.

Touch Up Paint and Remove Unsightly Scuff Marks

Scuff marks from bags and shoes and smoking and cigarette residue can make your flat look and feel old. Chipped corners and tiny dings can make your living space look worn out.

Generally, smoking inside a flat is not a good idea, especially if you want to sell or rent it out in the future. The harmful substances in tobacco smoke are suspended in the indoor air and can even move to adjacent rooms. They stick on the surfaces or walls of the flat, furniture, curtains, and clothes. This means family members, pets, and visitors will be exposed to second and third-hand smoke.

Essentially, cigarette smoke has many chemicals with staining power. When these chemicals settle on a wall, they create a thick scum whose removal is difficult. Washing alone may not remove the stain unless you have smoked for very few days.

Nevertheless, if you notice stains on your walls from indoor smoking or vaping, spend time patching, scrubbing, and touching up the paint to restore the newness of your walls.

Take Care of the Wooden Surfaces

If your wood countertops have stains and scratches, sand them gently. After sanding, rub in food-grade oil using a soft rag. Use trivets beneath hot items and always wipe up all spills the moment they occur to prevent damage. Also, avoid putting items on your wood countertops. Instead, use cutting boards to cut items.

If you have wood floors in your flat, refresh them more often. You don’t have to refinish wood floors all the time. However, there are ways to maintain their impressive look. The products you use to refresh your wood floors depend on several factors. For instance, whether the damage or stain is caused by uk e cig or spills and the finish type will determine the best product for refinishing your wood floors.

Wood oil can shine up wood floors that have a natural oil-rubbed finish. Waxworks better on worn-out, old floors. Water and white vinegar work better on wood floors with a polyurethane finish. Bear in mind the fact that excess water can damage any wood floor.

Deep-Clean Wall Carpeting and Condition Leather

Spot cleaning and regular vacuuming may not do much. It’s therefore essential to buy, borrow, or rent a steam cleaner sometimes to clean your wall carpeting deep. Have a dehumidifier in your space after drying to ensure that your floor dries entirely and quickly.

In most cases, leather furniture looks fantastic with age as long as properly cared for. Quality leather conditioner prevents drying out and eventual cracking of leather. Regular vacuuming and buffing using a dry microfiber cloth will keep your leather furniture looking fresh. Just like with walls, countertops, and floors, wipe up all spills the moment they occur with a dry cloth.

Perform Regular Repairs and Replacements

There are things you need to repair and replace regularly to keep your flat looking and feeling new for years. For instance, you need to repair appliances the moment they break down. If a washing machine leaks, fix it immediately to prevent water damage. Sometimes, you may have to upgrade appliances with new, more efficient models.

Changing the air filter of your A/C unit will make it more efficient. Also, replace batteries in the carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm when necessary. You must also check cabinet doors and drawers to ensure they are cleaned and repaired when necessary.

Check and replace light bulbs in different rooms when necessary. Some repairs and replacements are simple and can be performed without professional assistance. However, they go a long way in keeping your flat look and feel new for several years.

The Bottom Line

Everybody wants to have their flat look and feel new for several years. However, some people don’t know how to do this. Indoor smoke, spills, and vapour from smoking are just some of the things that can ruin your flat’s fantastic look and feel. However, simple maintenance makes it possible to keep your flat looking and feeling fresh.

Regular cleaning, vacuuming, repair, and replacement are some of the maintenance practices that will keep your flat looking and feeling new. If unable to perform regular repairs, replacements, or cleaning for whatever reasons, hire reliable experts to do the job for you.

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