How to make your festival tent feel like home?

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Tents can seem like the biggest nightmare of your festival weekend, but with some essentials you can make it feel like home and love going back to your tent after a busy jam packed day. Here are some ways to make your camping experience less muddy and miserable, and more homely, that will make you actually miss festival season.


Type of Tent

It is better to get a tent bigger sized than the amount of people going from your group. This will mean that you will have more space and room, and it will not feel as confined or squashed. It will also give you more space for luggage. Also, room at the porch/door of your tent is ideal space to put any dirty clothes or shoes so that they aren’t ruining other parts of the tent and is a good area to cook.

Also you definitely want to practice pitching your tent at home beforehand, as you do not want to end up homeless in the middle of a field because you don’t know how to pitch a tent or something is wrong or missing with your tent.

Make sure you have a tent footprint, this will be the ground cover protector for your tent to prevent gravel and wet ground from affecting the inside of your tent. This will undoubtedly make you feel much better about being in your tent when the weather is miserable, it will even mean less cleaning!  

There are even some tents that have carpets, meaning you can properly relax after a day of jumping about to live music.

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Tent Essential to Bring


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Sleeping bag – of course

Pillow – for you sleepy heads

Blankets – Essential to keep you warm

Blow up/Inflatable mattresses or sofas/seats – the comfier you are the better

Lantern/ torch – Lighting source is crucial, you could even make it yourself using a headlight attached to a big water bottle

Social area – extra cushions / bean bags / seats- almost like a living area, as they are known as the most homely places in a home

Phone Charging kit – to keep you up to date with the world

Add some colour too – flags are good as you can easily spot your tent from a distance, bunting is also great

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Here are some extra things you made need in your tent, possible for securing reasons:

  • Tape
  • Pegs
  • Dust Pan and Brush  
  • Doormat

Following these tips will have you wishing it was never home-time!

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