How to Pick The Perfect Siding for Your Home

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Siding is the material attached to the exterior side of the building and house for extra protection. You might wonder what does a house needs protection from? Well, no matter how well-made your house is and how tough it looks factors like sunlight, rain, snow and sometimes even wind can end up running the exterior walls. These siding (also known as wall cladding (are made of weather-resistant material which absorbs or reflect the excess heat and cold. Thus resulting in a more stable interior environment for a better living experience.

When one invests in siding, they want their house to function better. But, looks play a huge role too. As siding is the first thing your visitors will notice, it can make it break the first impression. Here are three tips that will help you find the perfect siding for your home.

Which Material To Pick?


  1. Stucco Siding: This is the siding material that has been used for hundreds of years. Stucco itself is cheap, it is nothing but a mixture of cement added into sand or lime. Keep in mind that for the best result, multiple layers of stucco needs to be applied. So, even though stucco is not expensive, labor can cost a lot.
  2. Vinyl Siding: The first option was traditional but this one is quite new. Vinyl was first introduced in the 1960s and since has been one of the most famous siding materials in the United States and Canada. There are more than 300 color variants and multiple textures available of vinyl siding from Ideal Siding Nanaimo. The material is cheap, and installation is so easy that you can do it yourself to save some extra bucks. Vinyl is low maintenance and can be washed only when needed
  3. Wood Siding: One of the most popular and aesthetically pleasing options is wood siding. But wood sidings do not come in one shape or form. If you choose wood siding, you would need to do through more “sub-options”.

Bevel is also known as clapboard, are pieces of long horizontal wood cut at an angle so that one edge is thicker than the other. Cyprus, Douglas, Pine, and spruce are the woods used in bevel siding. You can also buy redwood or cedar, but those are slightly expensive than the other 4 wood options.

Bevels are installed horizontally while Board and Batten is a siding installed vertically.  Boards are the wide pieces of wood (usually pine or cedar) separated by strips of battens.

Shakes and shingles are also an option that keeps you visually interested. These are small pieces of wood normally hands sawn or sometimes cut with a machine. The most common options for shakes and shingles are redwood and red cedar.

Engineered Wood siding is as explained by the name, is engineered wood. It is made with wood cast-off such as sawdust and binding agents. The material is lightweight than other wood sidings and low maintenance.


  1. Stone Siding: If we called wood sidings low maintenance, stone sidings can be called “no-maintenance”. Stones like slate, limestone, and granite are beautiful to look at and best at protecting the house against harsh weather. The only downside is that stone sidings are not only expensive themselves but the installation process is not economical at all and costs a lot.


2. Brick Siding: One of the most popular options is the brick siding. The bricks are made of fired clay and offer not only rich color and texture to the exterior of your home but are also good weather resistant. Also, the maintenance these bricks would need is low to nothing.


Design & Color: As siding is the first thing your visitors would notice, choosing a pleasant color and expensive looking design is a must. Also, do not choose a color that is “trendy” because trends use to change quickly. You should rather choose a color that matches your aesthetic and taste.


Ask for A Professional’s Opinion: Siding a house is not something one does every year, the siding you choose is going to stuck with you for 20 years more or less. So, it is always better to ask for a second opinion from a professional contractor. They will make sure you do not make an impulsive decision that you might regret in the future.


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