How To Prepare Your House for the Property Market

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If you’re looking to sell your property, the chances are you’re also after some quick-win ways to boost the potential sale price you can achieve when it finally goes up on the market.

Achieving a healthy sale value can alleviate financial stress during your move, give you the funds to make your next home your own and even provide the funds to enjoy a relaxing holiday once the busy moving period is over.

Preparing your house for the property market can take numerous forms—some require more work than others, but almost everything you do will improve saleability and lead to a healthy return on investment.

In this blog post, Refresh Interiors share their advice on preparing your house for the property market, including the most financially rewarding options to consider.

Using your space to its full potential

If you’re looking to move in the foreseeable future, the chances are you don’t want to carry out any structural changes or complex building work.

In these cases, making the most of the space you have is vital. Wth a little imagination or the help of a professional, you can reinvent your home and make it an attractive option for prospective buyers.

  • Changing a room’s layout – Simply removing, adding and repositioning furniture in a room can improve its appearance, create a sense of space and increase functionality.
  • Divide spaces – The general rule is more bedrooms equal higher value in property valuation. If you have an overly large bedroom that could be split with a simple partition wall to make two smaller ones, this could add thousands to the price you achieve.
  • Make new spacesA real life magic trick, it is possible to make new spaces in your home. Optimising every nook to its full potential might need the help of an architect, but it can add a new functional space to your property that adds interest. From a home office in your loft to a gym under the stairs, the possibilities are endless.


Increasing kerb appeal

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is a saying we’ve all heard. But when it comes to the property market, this is the first thing prospective buyers will do.

And they’re well within their right to do so. The curb appeal of a home is the first impression visitors and passersby have and can affect its value by thousands.

And while the style of your property might be set in stone, there’s other simple ways that the exterior view of your property can be improved:

  • Re-pointing bricks or repainting rendering
  • Cleaning gutters, fascias and windows
  • Cleaning and/or replacing roof tiles
  • Painting or replacing your front door
  • A new garden design
  • Pressure washing walkways
  • Keeping your lawn in order


Converting unused spaces

We’ve mentioned making the most out of the space in your home. And while it might be easy to see areas for improvement in your current living area, it’s easy to forget about other spaces which can be better used.

Spaces such as lofts and garages are often forgotten, becoming glorified storage areas which have wasted potential. While storage space is a must for any functional property and undoubtedly a strong selling point, loft conversions can add anything from 21% to 24.5% to the value of a property, while high spec garage conversion can see a similar return.

If you aren’t making full use of these large spaces, converting them is a worthwhile investment, with the floorspace in your property directly influencing value. From additional bedrooms in a loft space to extended kitchens or home gyms in your garage, transforming these areas of the home can increase their potential, make them an attractive option for more could-be buyers and increase the price you can achieve for your home.


Adding final touches

Adding final touches to your home might seem like wasted time and money, but it can be the deciding factor in whether a prospect wants to sign on the dotted line and makes you a good offer. 

New build developers bring in interior designers to dress their show homes because the final touches will help prospective buyers see the potential of a space and view it as somewhere they can call home.

Although hiring an interior designer to get your home ready for sale might be a little extravagant, buying a few new decor items isn’t. From new lighting which adds to the ambiance of a room to feature mirrors that create a sense of open space, decor—even though it doesn’t come with the house—can play a big part in making a sale.

If you’re preparing your house for the property market, you need to make changes which boost buyer interest and will create a worthwhile return on investment. From receiving interest as soon as your property’s put on the market to achieving your asking price, these home improvements are tried, tested and proven to work.

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