How to Save Money on Your Moving Expenses

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Moving home is an expense and can cost a lot of money – more than you think. However, there are ways to save money and cut these hefty prices right down. 

1)    Compare Moving Company Costs

Whether you are buying a cup of coffee or a mansion in Monte Carlo, shopping around is the best way to find the right price. When finding the right removals company, price comparison is essential. Using a service like Compare My Move will show your 6 very competitive price quotes. Because a removals company needs business, they are encouraged to keep their offers low. Take a look at for more money-saving tips.

2)    Declutter 

Your removals company will come by your place and provide services to suit the needs you have. The greater your needs in moving the greater the costs for the services. With this in mind, getting rid of anything that you don’t need to bring with you will be a good first step. So consider sending the old broken bike to be recycled and ask yourself if you still need your old spinning bike. Why pay more for things you will probably just be throwing away later down the line? Taking the time to reduce the things you need to bring is absolutely crucial to minimizing the costs of your removal company. Apply the 6-month rule here, if you haven’t used it in 6 months, you probably don’t really need it. 

3)    Book Early

Money saving blog, Family Money suggest, that the earlier you book, the more cash you will save. Just like other services that book up, a moving company is going to book up so having a planned date in advance is always a good idea. If you book a location with plenty of time on your hands, you will give yourself more freedom to plan, organize and decrease the likelihood of running into a small problem here or there that will add to unexpected costs. 

4)    Move Outside Peak Time

You know planning your trip to Disneyland during the middle of summer is going to cost many times what the same trip would cost any other time of the year. This is why the financially smart avoid making plans for peak business times. Summers are a busy time of the year for moving companies and also a smart time for many people to move. Moving over the summer will allow kids to enrol in their new schools without too much downtime.  The weather may be an issue for some people, but when moving around the country you can never really tell what the weather will be like. Finally, weekends can also be especially busy. So, for an economical move, consider moving in the middle of the week and not during a vacation period –– this will cut down on the overall expenses for this project. 

5)    DIY Packing

Your professional moving company will also have a packing service that they will offer you. As you can imagine this can certainly cut down on a large part of the moving costs and may be important to some people. But if you feel capable of handling this aspect of the work yourself you will save a buck or two.

6)    Recruit Friends and Family

Moving from place to place is no small task and getting all the help you can is always a time and cash saver. Moving is not a one man job no matter what services your moving company can provide, so it will be time to call in some favors. Remember when you helped your buddy when his car was broken? Remember taking your mom shopping? Remember that neighbor’s cat you rescued from the tree? Well, now it’s time for those good deeds to return to you…call in some favours.  

7)    Free Boxes

Another service the moving company is typically going to have available is moving boxes and other packing supplies. This extra cost will provide all you need in one spot and can save you time and rushing about. But, if you have given yourself time by planning ahead, you can eliminate this expense by sourcing your boxes and packing materials elsewhere. There are online forums where people give these very supplies away and all you need to do is drive out to pick it up. You can also call up local warehouses and supermarkets that also have these materials in large supplies, sometimes they will be willing to part with their hoard of boxes and packing materials for no cost.

8)    Pack Smart

Cardboard boxes are great for filling with any types of belongings, but you can also look for other receptacles you already have to be filled with items. Laundry baskets, rubbish bins and your collection of travel bags can all be filled and carried easily. You can also avoid spending on bubble wrap and packing peanuts by using old blankets, clothes and towels to carefully pack your belongings. It’s really not that hard and can save you a bundle.


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