Increase Your Home’s Value: 5 House Extension Ideas for That Extra Space

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Increase Your Home’s Value: 5 House Extension Ideas for That Extra Space

One of the basic necessities that everyone needs to have is a home. Arguably, it is one of the most reliable places where you can find comfort that no other place can give. But what if you need to move due to your job or you have a family emergency that you can’t ignore? When these unexpected things happen, you might need to put your house up for sale.

While the decision of selling a home is always a personal one, it really pays if you invest in your home early on. In fact, it might just be the wisest decision you can make in terms of owning a residence. When you invest in your home, you also increase its value, giving you many favourable deals if you decide to list it in the market and sell it in the future.

You probably already have an idea of how you can add value to your property. But the most effective one is to build a home extension. Besides adding value, home extensions allow you to have a more functional space to accommodate your growing family or just improve your living space. If you’re planning for an extension but don’t know where to start, here are some extension ideas that might give you design inspirations.

Reconfigure the space

Most of the time, reconfiguring the existing space to make the most out of it is the most common concept of house extensions. Usually, walls are knocked down to establish a layout that can fully utilize the access, natural view, and even something as simple as the space’s lighting. Here, the most critical aspect to consider is where to position the entrance and central hallway.

Preferably, the hallway design must be created in such a way that it leads to the different room areas efficiently. Furthermore, you also must pay attention to the amount of space you will be giving to a particular area and their proximity, such as how near your dining area is to the kitchen. Reconfiguration allows you to integrate any type of extension and effectively makes the area spacious.

Add a two-storey extension

If you want to keep your existing floorplan as is, but still need extra room space, you might want to try to add a second story to your home. A two-story extension allows you to efficiently optimize your home’s value, in addition to maximizing the value of your money. Also, it could be a great option, especially if a lot of your relatives or friends often come and visit your house and you need an extra-large space with a functional layout to accommodate them.

Build a home office or study area

It is also a good idea to dedicate a room to a home office or a study nook. This way, you can work efficiently and have a more productive day at work instead of just using your own room to work (which can sometimes be counterproductive because the bed is just too inviting to sleep on, don’t you agree?). Now that a lot are working from home, including a spare room to turn into an office or study area in your extension design is a good investment.

Don’t forget the outdoors

You can also improve the space of your deck, particularly if you are planning to build a rear extension that connects to your garden. One of the trends these days is creating an indoor/outdoor living space, and thus having one can add to your home’s overall value.

You can try optimizing your deck as a dining space or adding fans and outdoor lighting so you can have a cozy alfresco. If you want a covered outdoor space so you can still sit and eat outside despite the cold weather, go for a veranda.

Side or Rear Extension

Do you have an extra rear space in your lot? Well, you can make the most out of it by putting it into good use. By building a one-storey side or rear extension, you can have an additional living space, not to mention one with style.

Believe it or not, this type of extension can effectively transform your space into something that’s better suited for your family, guests, and friends. No doubt, it can be attractive for potential homebuyers, too.

How to Look for Reliable Builders for Home Extension Projects?

Of course, a house extension will only be successful if you are working with the right people. It is crucial that you only hire reliable builders for your projects. For instance, if you’re planning to have an accessory dwelling unit such as a granny flat extension, the best first thing you can do is to start in your locality or if you’re living somewhere in Canberra, Australia, make sure that you only hire expert granny flat builders.


What they say is true. A house is indeed a wise investment to make, and keeping things in good condition is advantageous, especially if you have plans to put your house on the market in the future. In addition, it is also good to invest in home extensions. Aside from adding more value to your home, you can make use of your living space to spend time and create fun memories with your friends and family.


Ref : THSI-2548 / ZD. 22984

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