Ithaca NY Air Conditioning Signs Your System May Need Changing

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The weather in Ithaca, NY, will have you yearning to install an air conditioning system that works perfectly, especially during the hot summer. 


However, simply having an air conditioner (AC) is not enough; what is even more important is how well it works. An air conditioner could be functional – that is, it produces cold air – yet it may need replacing. So, what are the tell-tale signs to look out for when it comes to deciding whether your air conditioner should be changed? 


Here are some of the signs that indicate your air conditioning system needs replacing.



  • Moisture Leakages



When you take a look at the surroundings of your system and notice water leaking around it, this may be a sign that something is wrong.


It could be an issue of blocked drain tubes attached to the condenser, or just something minor. But if you have to fix it frequently because it becomes a recurring problem, then it is advisable to change it. 


Changing the whole system will be better, instead of going through the rigors of intermittently replacing and repairing drainage tubes. 


A continued leakage problem actually shows that you have been using the air conditioner for quite a long time anyway, so changing it is your best option instead of another repair. 

Besides, refusing to change it can have medical implications as a moist environment is the ideal breeding ground for mold and certain microorganisms that can cause disease. You don’t want to get sick using an AC, now do you? 


  • Noisy Operation Sounds



The noise from a cranky air conditioning system can keep you awake all night. This should not be so because a working AC that is in excellent condition should be reasonably quiet. Not that it shouldn’t make any operational sounds, but once these sounds become so loud as to disrupt other activities, then it is apparent that there is a problem with the AC.  


Some engineers might tell you that they can fix and reduce the noise, but the ideal thing to do is to change the AC, particularly if you have been continuously repairing it.


For people living in Ithaca, New York, and its environs, you may want to visit site to bring your disturbing noisy experience to an end.



  • Poor Airflow



This may seem ridiculous, but there are some AC units that don’t create any difference in their environment, no matter how long you leave them on. They do not blow enough air to dissipate heat.


Inadequate airflow is a visible sign that the AC system has stopped working. It usually means that you have used the AC system long enough, and now is the time to change it.


A lot of factors can account for its lack of proper functioning, but the next smart step will be to get rid of the old one and bring in a new one. After all, you probably have enough to worry about without adding poor airflow to it.



  • Faulty Thermostat



A faulty thermostat is similar to inadequate airflow, but quite different in some ways. An AC system with poor airflow problems is precisely that – it does not blow enough cold air. On the other hand, a faulty thermostat causes the AC to blow air selectively; some parts of the room become cooler, while other parts remain unaffected by the AC.


Such cases are indicative of a faulty thermostat, which is supposed to regulate consistent air temperature in your home. When you observe this, know that you have a defective thermostat, and you may likely need to change your AC unit.


  • Problems After Servicing



Generally speaking, you should service your AC system yearly to ensure a smooth-running operation.


The servicing caters to the removal of blockages and ensures cleanliness. However, if you find out that your AC keeps having minor problems periodically after servicing, it would be a sign that your system needs more than servicing. That means it needs changing!



  • High Energy Bills



Another primary indication that you need to change your AC is when you discover that recent energy bills associated with your AC usage have suddenly increased significantly.


It shows that your cooling system is working too hard, and that means something is wrong. So, you have two choices; either you keep paying the escalating monthly energy bills, or you opt for a new AC system.




Before an air conditioning system totally breaks down, many tell-tale signs will usually reveal that it is time to change the unit. Whenever you start experiencing loud noises, leakages, constant repairs, a faulty thermostat, or any other signs mentioned above, the best option is to change the whole unit. Replacing the AC system will not only save you from unnecessary expenses in the long run, but will also promote proper airflow in your home.


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