Keeping Fit From Home

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It’s everyday knowledge that regular exercise is extremely beneficial to the body and mind, keeping us in shape and improving our mental health. While going to the gym is the most common way to exercise, sometimes it’s just not feasible, whether for financial reasons or time constraints. But fear not! This guide will detail just a few of the ways you can keep fit from home.

With Equipment

The first section of this guide will offer advice on home fitness that involves equipment – whether you own it already or plan on buying it, having a few pieces of fitness equipment can immensely upgrade your workout.

When looking for equipment, remember to browse the likes of Gumtree, eBay and Amazon for great deals you might not find elsewhere. If you don’t mind paying for second hand stuff, it’s possible to get a lot of this equipment for a very reasonable price. And even if you’re looking for something new, online retailers can throw up some fantastic offers – so keep an eye out.



Cycling is an extremely simple yet brilliant way to keep fit – it’s perfect for beginners and intermediates alike. Cycling is a non weight-bearing exercise, which means there is less strain on your body as a whole. Many people find it easier to push themselves harder and for longer during this kinds of exercise.

The main piece of equipment you’ll need is an exercise bike. Like most things, exercise bikes come at a range of different prices, but they start relatively affordable. The cheapest bikes come in at around £70 – not bad for a fitness investment. Most modern exercise bikes are quite small and many can be folded away, meaning they don’t take up too much room and can be easily stored out of the way.


Walking / Running

Walking is another great way to keep fit. It’s simple and requires no equipment, but there are benefits to being able to do it indoors.

A treadmill can help quantify your exercise, and bizarrely it can feel like less of a chore using a treadmill for half an hour rather than going outside for a walk of the same length. Whatever facilitates exercise should be encouraged. Besides, the weather isn’t always good, and if you do your exercise in the evenings then staying indoors is often preferred.



While most people don’t have the room at a home for a complete free weights set-up featuring barbells and racks, that doesn’t mean you can’t do a bit of strength training. Dumbbells are a great way to keep strength training affordable and space-conscious, since they’re small and can be easily stored away after use.

Once you’ve got your dumbbells, all you need is an open space and some motivation.

Without Equipment

As great as exercise equipment is, the reality is that many people simply don’t have the space or can’t afford it. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a ton of ways to get healthy at home.


Unless you live in a bungalow, the chances are high that your house has a set of stairs. And how useful stairs can be! Step-ups are an extremely simple yet effective way of working your lower body– at the end of the day, any movement is better than none at all.

Sit Ups / Push Ups

Two commonplace exercises that require nothing more than some floorspace. Perfect.

Makeshift Weights

You don’t actually need dumbbells to engage in strength training – anything heavy and easy to hold will do. Though there is obviously a cap on strength training without weights, it’s possible to get a good workout without them. All you’ll need is a large bottle or jug – something you can fill with water. You’d be surprised how heavy a few litres of water can be! This kind of workaround is highly customizable – it’s possible to fill the bottle to increase weight and drain it to decrease the difficulty.



These days, there are all sorts of yoga guides for free on the web. Check out YouTube and follow an fantastic, equipment-free workout!

by Brian Wilson

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