Marketing For Realtors Has Taken A New Turn

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Like any business, real estate professionals want to get their names out there and grow their business. In the past several years, marketing tactics have changed as much as the housing market. Marketing plays a significant role in attracting potential property buyers.

Creating Websites And Blogs

The internet is the first place people go when they are looking for a home or realtor services, and when a real estate business pops up, it needs an everlasting impression. Now, realtors showcase beautiful homes, share facts about their field, and can even offer virtual tours – all in one place. 


Creating a high-quality website is the quickest means to impress potential clients. Realtors have ample ways to showcase why they are the best fit for the job. Sites can have testimonials, listings, and other exciting features to make them stand out from the rest, like a mortgage calculator. Include contact info and a way to schedule a free consultation. 


Now more than ever, realtors are closing the gap between themselves and their prospective clients through housing & real estate blog posts and information on real estate. Blogging gives professionals the chance to connect with target buyers through interesting, high-quality content. 

Using Social Media As A Marketing Tool

It is proven that social media is the staple of digital real estate marketing. It’s similar to running a website or a blog, except the realtor promote themselves in a preexisting platform. Most social media companies include business pages that offer analytics and the option to use paid promotion for more reach.


Another advantage realtors have is using social media for additional marketing reach. When prospective clients visit the real estate website, it helps to have options to connect to their social media accounts. 

Growing In the Community

Marketing is not limited to digital technologies – real estate companies are gaining a stronger presence in their communities. They are more invested in the neighbourhoods they sell in, so it’s only natural that they’re involved with the local businesses and residents.


These companies can create connections and invite local businesses to participate in open house events. Another way of reaching locals is asking for referrals. While clients are more likely to search online, being referred by friends and family adds credibility.  

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing, also known as engagement marketing, is a marketing strategy that invites the audience to a more interactive situation, like an event. Experiential uses experience as a marketing tactic for the lasting connection it offers. 


With real estate, realtors host a tour of the area or an event for first-time homebuyers. Clients leave with good memories and a great image of the company. 

Real Estate Marketing Strategy 

The marketing ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. Agents need to plan what kind of audience they are marketing to as a means to narrow down their niche and close more deals. Then they must establish a strategy that follows their budget, and follow through on analytics to know what is working, and what needs to be changed. 


With enough creativity, realtors can explore and promote their services in uncharted territories. By keeping track of performance and client feedback, realtors have a fighting chance at wowing buyers and closing deals. 




Ref number: THSI-1944

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