Maximise your outdoor space during the autumn season

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Did you know that your garden can be just as enjoyable in the autumn as it is in the summer? While the weather may not be as warm or sunny, there are still many ways to embrace the outdoors and make the most of your outdoor space.

One idea is to consider investing in a fire pit. As the temperature drops, spending time in the garden can get chilly, especially in the evenings. But with a fire pit, you can create a cosy and warm atmosphere that’s perfect for snuggling up and adding a touch of brightness to your outdoor space. You can even take it further and indulge in some marshmallow roasting.

Don’t let the cooler weather keep you indoors. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy your outdoor space. Start by pruning your plants before the cold sets in so they’ll be ready to flourish come springtime. Did you know that certain vegetables thrive when planted in the fall? Garlic and onions are just a few examples of crops that can be produced now and ready to harvest in the new year. With a little effort, you can maximise your garden’s potential and appreciate its beauty all year round.

Don’t forget about the wildlife. As the weather gets colder, the wildlife that calls your garden home will appreciate your help. Spending time outside can be rewarding, knowing you support the creatures around you.

Lighting and Ambiance: As the days get shorter, invest in ambient lighting such as string lights, lanterns, or candles. These not only illuminate your space but also contribute to a cosy atmosphere for late-evening outdoor relaxation. Install solar-powered lights that automatically turn on as the sun sets. These can line pathways and garden edges or even be placed within flower beds, illuminating critical areas of your garden without additional electricity costs.

Use lanterns and candle holders strategically placed around your garden. They not only provide soft lighting but also add an intimate and cosy atmosphere. You can choose decorative lanterns or DIY lanterns made from mason jars or old containers to hold candles.

Opt for warm-toned lighting. These lights emit a soft, golden glow that complements the autumn ambience. Consider draping them along fences, trees, or pergolas to create a magical effect.

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As your furniture has most likely been used throughout the summer, it would be a good idea to keep the maintenance current.

Cleaning: Before the weather turns harsh, give your garden furniture a thorough cleaning. Use a mild soap or specialised cleaner appropriate for the material of your furniture—wood, metal, plastic, or wicker. Scrub off any dirt, grime, or mildew accumulated over the summer months.

Weatherproofing and protecting wood products: Apply a protective finish or sealant to wooden garden furniture to shield it from moisture and prevent rotting. For metal furniture, inspect for rust or signs of corrosion, and use a rust-resistant paint or sealant if needed. Consider using covers for your furniture when not in use to protect it from rain, frost, and falling leaves.

Store Cushions and Fabric: If your furniture has removable cushions or fabric elements, store them indoors when not in use during autumn to prevent them from getting damp or damaged by rain. If you don’t have indoor storage, consider investing in waterproof cushion storage bags or containers.

Inspect and Tighten: Check the furniture for loose screws, bolts, or hinges. Tighten them to ensure the furniture remains stable and secure. This is especially important for items like tables, chairs, and loungers.

Regular Maintenance: Schedule periodic maintenance throughout the season. Wipe down your garden furniture during the autumn months after heavy rains or storms to prevent moisture accumulation. Regularly check for any signs of damage or wear and address these issues promptly.

Protective Coatings: Consider applying protective coatings or treatments to furniture surfaces. This can help repel moisture and prevent damage from changing weather conditions.

Seasonal Disassembly or Storage: For items that aren’t used frequently or during the colder months, consider disassembling them for more accessible storage. Store items like umbrellas, swing seats, or lightweight chairs in a shed, garage, or covered area.

Always Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Always follow specific care instructions the manufacturer provides for your furniture. Different materials may require additional maintenance techniques for optimal care.


Lastly, create a comfortable seating area in your garden. A cosy sofa or seating arrangement can make it easy to enjoy your garden throughout the year. During the colder months, your outdoor furniture can become a comfortable spot to snuggle up and observe the world around you. Consider using blankets or investing in outdoor heaters to stay warm outside.

So don’t let the autumn season stop you from enjoying your garden. With a few modifications and a little creativity, you can make the most of your outdoor space and appreciate its beauty all year.

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