One simple way to enjoy peace of mind in your garden this summer

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According to a recent survey, young people spend more money on their outdoor space than the average UK homeowner. A Lloyds Bank study has found that people aged 25 to 34 spent an average of £747 on their outdoor space in the last year, more than double the UK average of £366.
However, if youre planning to invest in improving your garden its vital that you make sure your insurance adequately covers you. Keep reading to find out more.
One in six invest in their garden to increase their homes value
According to a Lloyds Bank Insurance poll of 2,000 UK homeowners, young people spent an average of £747 on their garden in the last year. Just under a quarter (24 per cent) do this to entertain guests while one in six are doing it to increase their propertys value.
One in five now owns a greenhouse and over a quarter have invested in new plants and flowers for their gardens in the past year. The most popular accessories for outdoor spaces are outdoor furniture, owned by 81 per cent of British homeowners, barbecues (49 per cent), and trampolines (10 per cent).
Homeowners urged to ensure their garden items are protected
Despite an increased spend on their gardens, more than a third of people admitted that they do not have a secure lock for their garden and a quarter said that none of their outdoor items are insured.
“Gardens can provide rich pickings for thieves”, says Tim Downes from Lloyds Bank Insurance. “With people investing more time and money in their outdoor spaces and with the average garden now worth about 2,000 it is important that people don’t leave themselves vulnerable.
“By ensuring you have adequate cover in place you wont have to stump up for potentially hefty bills.”
While you might assume that your large garden items are safe, the Daily Express recently reported that the top five most commonly stolen garden items are tools, bikes, flowers and plants, barbecues, and statues and ornaments.
Ben Wilson from a leading insurance comparison site says: “Most contents insurance policies will offer some form of cover for items in your garden. However, the level offered and conditions that apply can vary significantly, making it especially important to check the policy is suitable for your needs.”
For example, some cover items only if they are locked away in a shed or garage. “This means that if you have particularly expensive furniture or ornaments, you may have to foot the bill if anything were to happen to them,” he says.
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