Prepare your home for selling: Simple changes you can make to brighten up your house

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Thinking of selling your home? If so, its essential to have it looking spic-and-span before putting it on the market after all, buyers are attracted to clean, low-maintenance properties that not only look great inside and out but wont cost a fortune to spruce up and repair.

The good news is, even if your house is looking a little worse for wear at present,there are many simple things you can do to improve your chance of getting a sale, so check out these handy tips:


Replace carpets with wooden flooring

If your carpets have seen better days, either have them professionally cleaned or put down some wooden flooring instead. Cost-effective, low-maintenance panels from companies like Easy Step Flooring can transform your home in an instant and have an elegant, timeless appeal. Whats more, wood is great as its easy to clean and doesn’t trap bad smells, so even if you’ve a home full of pets or messy children, your property will still look presentable.


Give your home a lick of paint

Its amazing what a lick of paint can do. Walls can become grey, grubby and marked over time, so why not head to your nearest DIY store and pick up a few essentials? You’ll find a wealth of brushes and paints for a great price and don’t forget to make the most of tester pots if you’re looking for the perfect colour match for your home. Don’t worry about doing anything too extravagant, however, as clean and neutral colours often work best. You’ll find a wealth of renovation tips and advice online, so take a peek and be on your way to a quick sale.


Think about soft furnishings

If you’re thinking about selling up and heading for the hills, there’s a high chance you wont want to buy a brand new set of curtains or a spiffing new sofa just to attract a buyer. The good news is you don’t have to break the bank as a few carefully selected soft furnishings can work wonders. That’s right, throws, cushions, rugs, lamps and other accessories can turn a house into a home and if you get the colour scheme just so, you’ll be onto a winner.  Even the smallest of homes can be brought to life with a splash of lemon yellow or lime green, so have a browse around the shops and see what you can find.


Have a spring clean

First impressions count. Buyers have to see themselves living in your home in order to make an investment so make sure everything is clean and tidy. Clutter is a big no-no, so get hold of some high-quality storage units and keep knick-knacks to a minimum after all, you might love your collection of china plates sprawled across the living room, but this might be a turn off for people viewing your property. Don’t forget,potential buyers will judge your property from the moment they lay eyes on it,so always spruce up the exterior as well as the interior. Even your front door can make a real difference to the appeal of your home so pay attention to detail.

Selling your house can be a stressful time, but with these few tips you should be able seal a deal and move to your dream property in no time.

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