Professions in the Industry Your Clients Won’t Know About

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In the world of real estate, there are hundreds of steps the public doesn’t think about when they start the process of selling their home. But once you’ve sold a house or two, you start to understand things about the market in a whole new way. However, for many homebuyers, the world of real estate can feel overwhelming.

Guiding your clients through the process again and again with care is a vital part of the job. Your work as a real estate agent isn’t just to walk someone through some paperwork but to guide them through the process as a whole.

With that in mind, it is important to meet your clients where they are. This is especially because clients are likely not experienced when it comes to real estate. In fact, most new homebuyers won’t know about some of the essential, albeit more hidden professions in the field.

That’s why we have created this easy guide to help you explain some of the more unknown professions in our field. We hope this helps you as you continue to guide your new clients through the process.

So What Is a Conveyancer?

The first person a client is likely to ask about is their conveyancer. A conveyancer is someone involved in every single home buying and selling transaction. However, oftentimes they are hidden away from the public eye.

A conveyancer is essentially a solicitor. They are an essential part of the conveying of the title and deed transfer process. A conveyancer will ensure that all parties involved in a home`s sale meet any legal obligations while remaining impartial. Furthermore, a conveyancer is in charge of making sure your client’s legal rights are completely protected at all times.

As a good realtor, it is your job to find the best Conveyancer you can. Searching for a good conveyancer is easier than you would think, too. Many prestigious companies will advertise their status as the Best Melbourne conveyancer company, or most accessible conveyancing company around because successful conveyancing companies understand that they need to outreach with clients.

How About a Lease Analyst?

Next on the list is a lease analyst. A lease analyst is someone who manages different aspects of a lease, both to facilitate a client’s experience and to help a company form a portfolio of leases. Quite simply, they are someone who will sort and categorize all the different leases a company holds. They do this so that both the clientele and the company have a clear understanding of the value of the lease.

Additionally, at certain companies, a lease analyst also may have certain responsibilities that help a company track any taxes for a lease. If this is a concern for your clients, let them know that a lease analyst simply helps the company they work for follow all the rules when it comes to taxation. That way, no party is left to face any problems later.

This position helps save everyone headaches down the road by tracking financial matters related to the lease and handling any potential issues at the property. It is important to note that due to regional variance, some companies define this position slightly differently. In general, however, this is a position that helps save your clients tons of headaches by tracking paperwork for them.

Guide with Confidence

In the end, when you break down terms like these to clients, you are showing them how much you value them. When you involve clients in the process without making them feel like a burden, then you become one of their greatest assets.

So much of this information may feel obvious now that you work in the industry, but never undervalue what you know. Think about how to keep clients in the loop by educating them, and you can only become a better realtor with each passing day!

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