Sarah Beeny Property Expert The Truth Revealed

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Sarah Beeny property expert is probably one of the most famous property developers in the UK, she has become a household name after being a prime time Channel 4 TV presenter. She has also ventured into the For Sale by Owner (private sales) sector with her house sales website Teplio, which has now developed into an online estate agency. The service she offers is much like TheHouseShop, who also help owners to sell without an estate agent.

Learn more about selling property without an estate agent.


Sarah Beeny TV presenter

About Sarah Beeny

Sarah capitalized on the British love affair with property TV shows and hosted several in which she demonstrates her expertise.


Help My House is Falling Down

Help My House is Falling Down


Help! My House is Falling Down sees Sarah Beeny travel around Britain looking for homes that need urgent repair. The show demonstrates how much you can do to a wreck and the savings that are possible when buying one.

Channel 4 Help My House is Falling Down

Sarah says: ‘if you do find a major problem, the important thing is not to bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away. You need to find the problems and sort them out as quickly as possible.”


Property Ladder

A source of frustration comes in the form of Sarah Beeny’s property TV show Property Ladder. Why frustration you may ask? Well its because the format of the show consistently demonstrates how budding property developers always ignore Sarah’s advice. Sarah Beeny offers professional experience and practical suggestions but it seems to be ignored.

Most developers are grilled about how much they spent and it always seems to be way over their budgets. Some stubborn developers learning expensive mistakes are always compelling and Property Ladder is a great show that will last the test of time.

Property Snakes and Ladders


Sarah advises those with lots of money but little sense to buy a property for investment. In one classic episode, which actually sums up the mentality of some developers,  you can see a shower being installed which would only be suitable for someone less than 5ft 3inches.

See Video Classic Property Snakes and Ladder


Double Your House for Half the Money

Sarah Beeny helps people achieve their property dreams without breaking the bank in these recession-hit times. See some great clips on Channel 4 – Sarah Beeney – Double Your House


Sarah Beeny Property Website – Teplio


Private house sales are increasing in the UK, we have been helping homeowners buy and sell property without an estate agent since 2000. Sarah’s property website works much the same as The House Shop helping owners save money.


Sarah brush with death!


April 2012 saw Sarah Beeny rush to hospital and into surgery for an emergency operation sending a sobering message that anyone can fall victim to a burst appendix.

“My appendix had ­actually burst and the surgeon said that if I’d waited until the following day, I would have been very sick indeed – I would also have had a scar right down my middle, rather than my three-inch one. I was really lucky.

Sarah Beeny ChildrenThey end up having to take your organs out to wash them. I only ended up being in hospital for three days on intravenous antibiotics, but there are people who are in hospital for five months it’s so bad.

The ­following day I woke up from the ­anesthetic and felt so sore and tired. I just wanted to lie there in the hospital bed and not go home. My breasts really hurt, too, because I couldn’t feed my baby as I was taking so many drugs”


More about Sarah Beeny

Sarah Lucinda Beeny is an English property developer and television presenter, best known for presenting the Channel 4 property shows Property Ladder, Streets Ahead, Britain’s Best Homes, Help! Source Wikipedia

You can learn more about Sarah at her official website  You can also follow here on Twitter


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