Selling Property Privately

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Sell property privately, save money by missing out the online or high street estate agent is becoming more popular in the UK as consumers get to grips with a DIY home sale. That’s the message The House Shop and it’s community of happy home owners is ending as the internet makes selling a property privately easier.

Sell My Property Privately
The House Shop can help sell a home online by promoting it to thousands of potential buyers , no commission , no contracts and no hassle. Learn more
Selling Property with The House Shop

Private Sales and Estate Agents

Estate agents and online estate agents are not part of the legal process to sell or buy a property,  they provide a marketing service . Many charge a commission based on the price of a home and will require sellers to sign a binding estate agent contract.

Private house sale services such as The House Shop help promote an owners home on and off line and make the DIY style home sale easier. The service can be used in conjunction with an estate agent in 90% of cases including home owners who have signed a sole agency agreement.

Selling a Home Privately

One of the biggest mistakes apart from over pricing is not preparing a home for sale. When selling a property online creating the right impression is essential and pictures tell buyers everything they want or in some cases don’t want. Private sellers should still prepare the house before sale .

Everyone wants to sell their house at the best possible price and simple low cost activities can help achieve that perfect sale. Cleaning and de-cluttering and fixing minor repairs could be the difference between an online enquiry or a missed opportunity. Remembering that buyers are not interested in your style and the way you use colours , they are truly interested in the space they are buying. Ensure that you show this space and the canvass they can make their own.

Private House Sales

Channel 4 TV provide a number of useful guides aimed at helping consumers go it alone by selling a property without an estate agent see property guides

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