Seven Dorm Room Must-Haves

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College dorms don’t have to feel like a college dorm. The right dorm room furniture will make it feel like home.

College is a life-changing experience. When young adults move out of the house and go on to college, chances are surely on the way. It may both excite and shock the teenager who, for the first time in his or her life, is moving away from one’s home. As the teenage college student moves from his or her home to his dorm room, there will always be a sense of discomfort. Then again, this can be minimized by making the dorm room cosy and as comfortable as possible. With that said, here are seven must-have dorm room furniture pieces that one should never miss go without.

Adequate but Convenient Storages

Students should bring their closet, far from it. A dorm room is usually small and cramped – only big enough to accommodate one pro essay writer or even two dorm mates together in one room. Convenient storages are plastic boxes that may house items but are still pretty movable. There are normally closets, but a closet organizer will always come in handy. Whether it’s for shoes or collapsible hangers that let four times as many clothes fit on the rod.

Warm and Comfortable Bedding

Sure, dorm rooms will always include some kind of bed to sleep in, but that in no way gives any kind of guarantee for how comfortable it will be. It is most advisable for these newly moving college students to bring their own warm and comfortable bedding to bring a piece of home to their college dorm rooms. There are also many cushioned bed liners available to make just about any bed feel like a heaven-made cloud to sleep on.

Good Lighting

The dorm room may be fitted with lighting, however, a trusty lamp or desktop lamp is still advisable. There are many easy to tote, easy to move lights available. There are small desktop lights and free-standing floor lights that can add a touch of home to any room that are easily disassembled then reassembled. If possible, students should get a glimpse of their room before buying. They can get a sense of how much room is available and what kind of light will better serve a purpose.

Extra Seating

The dorm will probably provide for a seat or two. More than likely, seating will consist solely of desk chairs. Most students will enjoy having a lounge chair for relaxing in their room, even if it’s just a beanie bag! There is a dorm chair for just about any student’s taste in décor at DormStation. Students can find floral, modern, school mascot, or just about anything desired.

Movable Shelves and Cabinets

While the student may already have convenient plastic boxes as storage, movable shelves and small cabinets that may store household items and bathroom necessities are still in order. They can be easily found at dollar stores, Walmart, or other retailers. They can range from a single shelf to a small organizational centre that is easily hung wherever there is space. Kohl’s has some cool storage options and they have a “Dorm Shop” right now that specifically caters to the kids heading back to school.

Mini Refrigerator

While not everyone will say that this is a must-have, small and manageable refrigerators that don’t take up much space helps greatly in making the dorm room more comfortable. The mini-fridge may house small food items for midnight snacks, drinks, desserts for craving, and the like. It is best to have easy access to food, most especially for studying college students who may suddenly find themselves hungry in the middle of the night. Just don’t stuff it full of candy bars.

Computer or Laptop

It’s almost a necessity for everyone. Having a laptop with good internet access is now pretty much a must-have. For a college student, this is especially true. The mini-fridge may be something to live without if needed, but there’s no way a student should head to college with absolutely no computer. Sure, there will almost certainly be computer labs. Is it going to be open at 3:30 in the morning when research needs to be done?

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