Simple Upgrades to Make Your Rental Property Stylish

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Finding the perfect rental property for your taste and needs is hard enough in itself. However, it often happens that you find what you were looking for in terms of size and location, but find the actual property to be sparsely decorated and not up to your standards in terms of style.

Luckily, there are a few small upgrades that almost anyone can make that will transform the place and make it seem more stylish and more inviting. All of these could be done in installments and at your own pace while you’re settling in.

Kitchen islands

Kitchens are the rooms that are probably most frequently used and they are often the heart of the home even if you have a family room that’s designed to be just that. This means that the kitchen needs to be designed so that you can move around it comfortably.

A kitchen island is usually the best way to do it. It provides you with a working surface in the middle of the room and leaves the rest of the kitchen more open and sleek. At the same time, the color of choice for this island can be a statement of style and aesthetic.

Accent lights

Lighting is usually the biggest problem with rental properties since it takes time and care to set it up and most people won’t do it for a property they spend little time in. The key to lighting a home is to set up accent lights all around it so that they create an ambiance and allow you to read or work in different nooks of the property.

Before you can start doing so, you’ll need to know or at least have an idea of how the home will be used and where you’ll spend the most time.

Beds and bedding

Choosing the perfect bed for your needs isn’t just a matter of style (but it can be that as well), it’s also about comfort and providing you with a room and space to unwind and rest. It starts with choosing the perfect king mattress because it doesn’t matter how you decorate the room if it’s not made for your sleeping needs and patterns.

When it comes to the bedroom, it’s the bedding that’s often overlooked and seen as an afterthought to the whole design planning. It’s useful to inform yourself about thread count and materials used for linen since it can significantly improve even an already comfortable bed.


Most homeowners don’t pay any attention to the blinds of their property and that’s a big mistake since blinds could help change the ambiance of the room and if chosen correctly, they could even limit your energy consumption. They are also noticeable and need to be chosen based on their aesthetic.

Don’t hesitate to hang drapery in front of traditional blinds. It will make the room warmer and it gives you a chance to experiment and change the look of your windows when you feel like it.

Bold colors

The worst thing you can do with your color pallet is to make it bland and uninteresting. That can downplay all the other qualities your property might have. This doesn’t mean you should go overboard and experiment widely with the color selection either.

The best way to go is to make a sudden splash of color in an otherwise ordinary and well-balanced room. It can be one striking red wall or a piece of furniture that sticks out and becomes the centerpiece of the room.

Going modular

In the end, have in mind that this is a rental property and that it might need to be changed to fit the needs of the new occupants. Whenever you add something to the property, you should consider how easy it will be to remove it or change it when the time for it comes.

It’s true that this somewhat limits your options but the restraint itself will also help you improvise and be creative.

There are simple upgrades you could do to make your rental property seem more stylish and more hospitable. Start with the features designed to create comfort and then move on to decorating.

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