Simple ways to make your rental property feel like home

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For many people in the UK renting a property is a necessary decision to make when pursuing a career or making a move into a big city. Whilst owning a piece of property is most people’s dream living arrangement, with housing prices climbing higher and higher over recent years, renting is the next best thing, allowing individuals to have a place to stay in a location they desire, whilst putting money aside for a deposit.

Renting a property does come with its restrictions. You won’t be able to carry out any major remodelling projects to the property or conduct any drastic design alterations. In some cases, landlords don’t allow their tenants to hang pictures on walls or paint them different colours. 


But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your space feel homely and comfortable. Here are a few ways in which you can turn your rental property into a home without upsetting the landlord and losing that all-important deposit when you come to move out.


Give yourself breathing space

One of the positives about being on the rental market is that you’re not tied down and can decide to move out and into a different property once your lease is up. This is pretty common and means that many people decide to keep their moving boxes and materials close by. 

Having this paraphernalia hanging around the house can cause unnecessary clutter however and reminds you that the next move could be just around the corner, potentially installing a sense of unease. By getting these out of the way by using a storage provider such as Cubic Storage, you make more space for yourself and remove the atmosphere of a temporary living situation from view.



It doesn’t matter what kind of room you’re presented with; without the right lighting, it can look uninviting and depressing. This is especially true with rooms that are lacking in natural light. 

Using a mix of smaller light sources such as lamps and candles can give a room real warmth. By ensuring that larger light sources are fitted with decent bulbs and fresh lampshades you can make an immediate impact on a room’s atmosphere. Alternatively, look to remove lampshades already hung by your landlord and enjoy a brighter space or swap them out for your own. Be sure to replace them before you move out though, especially if they’ve been listed on your inventory! 


Plants and greenery

House plants, flowers and even a cactus or two can add a bit of life and colour to a space and can also have positive health benefits too! Studies have shown that indoor plants can help improve your mood, boost productivity and even reduce stress. Consider adding one or two trailing plants at the end of some shelves or feature a larger plant in the corner of your living space to finish off the room. So, they look great and work wonders on our minds!


Wall decorations

Ok, so you may not be able to damage the wall by using wall hangers, but thanks to modern wall adhesive stickers this won’t stop you adorning your walls with family pictures and artwork. Those holiday snaps and fun memories will instantly cheer up the space and make it yours. 

Blank walls are a sight synonymous with empty properties and can give off a sad and lonely atmosphere. A few paintings will do the room the world of good, and pictures of friends and family will help add that homely touch to really help you feel like the space is your own. 


Pops of colour 

Add a little life to your space – especially if you’re dealing with those dread magnolia walls – by adding pops of colour to your furniture and general decor. Scatter cushions on the sofa can be chosen in shades and prints to reflect your personality and brightly patterned rugs create a focal point in your living space. Have fun with colour on shelves and side tables, a neon pink vase is a conversation starter amongst your books while some fun, coloured string lights draped along the shelf add a party vibe even when you’re just hanging out at home. 


Consider these simple ways to make your rental property feel like home, especially if your landlord doesn’t allow you to make modifications yourself. You’ll soon be relaxing in a space that you can truly call your own. 

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