Successful Strategies for Planning a Construction Project

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Planning a construction project can be very tedious yet rewarding. 

Construction can be compared to a moving train that is difficult to stop once it starts so it’s important to plan projects effectively before getting started.

Once financing is in order, many Developers and General Contractors try to rush through projects and end up coming in over budget when it could’ve been prevented with proper planning.  By spending time planning budgets and even in listing the aid of a commercial construction estimating services company, projects can be more accurately estimated and budgeted for.

Strategies for Planning a Successful Construction Project


The first and probably most important part of the planning period of a project, also known as pre-construction, is the flow of communication.

Architects and general contractors typically work together to finalise contract drawings and get projects permitted and approved by financing. If you’re looking for a reliable general contractor for your construction project, collaborating with an experienced architect can help ensure the success of your project.

Getting everybody on board is essential for the success of a project. You can use Construction software that can help you track bids and budgets. 

Independent Cost Estimates

When you are a Developer or Real Estate owner, even a General Contractor, using an independent cost-estimating company can help you establish more accurate budgets.

These companies specialize in estimating for construction and are an excellent resource for accurate and current pricing.

Takeoff and estimating companies use various technology and innovation to price projects. Many are construction management experts or consultants and even build projects locally.

Some companies use digital takeoff software to prepare the quantities for projects and then assemble a spreadsheet, commonly in Microsoft Excel.  They even use cost database software that is updated frequently.

Software like RS Means or National Construction Estimator is a very accurate database used by construction companies and estimators.

If you can afford to hire an estimator in-house as an employee, this is going to be the most valuable person in your company. Estimators can cost up to $100,000 a year so some smaller contractors can’t afford that. They even use cost database software that is updated frequently.

Be a Planner

Many builders tend to be great at building but might have challenges during the planning phases. That’s why it is advisable to either take a step back and become a planner or hire a project manager to take charge of the project planning and administration.

Gantt charts are very common in construction because you can plan multiple phases and parts of the project simultaneously. Many parts of the project are depending on other parts being finished or can be planned so they can be completed simultaneously.

For example, footings need to be prepared before a concrete slab can be poured most of the time, so a Gantt chart would show the slab work starting once the footings are completed. Then you have circumstances like exterior work such as stucco can be performed simultaneously while the interior drywall is being put up.

Most Project Management software has some Gantt chart or project planning system. I advise anyone building a construction project to invest in a Gantt chart because it will help you plan the overall project and know when to schedule certain trades.

Larger projects will require this. Smaller projects can easily be managed without one if you have a good superintendent.

Incorporate Technology

There are modern advancements in construction, such as modular prefabrication, that can be implemented into projects. They can save time and even cost and materials.

There are also software packages specialising in project management, estimating, bid management, and accounting that can help in planning a construction project.

One of the most popular software packages for construction is called Procore. Procore is designed to let contractors run their entire project through the software. It even integrates with accounting software such as QuickBooks.  Bid Management is also essential because you can compile important Subcontractor or estimating information, and it is easily accessible.

Lastly, abundant technology has been developed to streamline construction in the field. There are new machines, and even a 3-D printer is in development that can build entire projects in days instead of months.

Maintaining a Unique Selling Proposition

This one is more for Developers or Real Estate Investors. Many projects can be streamlined by getting owners and investors to participate.

If you are breaking ground on a project, you can use social media and other types of advertising to recruit investors and potential buyers. This will require a great unique selling proposition that essentially answers the question, why should they buy from you?

Start by putting out Facebook and Google ads targeting the correct type of clients that should be seeing your project. You may need to tailor the message and focus more on whether they are an investor or a potential buyer for your project.

If you are building for investment as a rental, you may need to include information about leasing and why your new apartment building might be the best in the city.

Review Construction Activities

Planning involves getting your Superintendent or Supervisor involved during the planning phases.

If you speak with a construction superintendent, they will tell you that the planning portion of the project never ends until you turn over the building to the owner.

You can plan all you want before the train starts moving, but things come up in construction that will require continued planning and execution, sometimes performed simultaneously.

We talked about Gantt charts and project planning earlier in this article, but we’ll talk a little more about it since we are talking about the execution of it. Construction activities need to be planned appropriately to make sure not to waste time.

Projects should be built as fast as possible to avoid holding costs in real estate. In other words, time is money.

This is why one of the highest-paid employees in a construction company Is the project superintendent. He is responsible for planning field activities, scheduling contractors and Subcontractors, planning deliveries, and figuring out solutions to problems in the field. This guy needs to be technically savvy and be a bit tough to manage the contractor working class.

Have a Good Team

Last but not least, having a great team is critical to the success of your projects.

Your team should comprise a project management team, supervision team, purchasing team, estimating team, and accounting on financing team. Each one of these is critical parts of any construction business and every construction project.

Your project management team should have a good amount of experience planning projects and work on them administratively. They will be responsible for interacting between the field, the architect, and the owner. They are also the ones ultimately responsible for the project’s successful completion and often work side-by-side with the project superintendent.

The supervision team typically involves a general superintendent on the project superintendent. These two employees work side-by-side to execute the construction. They are also responsible for field activities and managing employees and Subcontractors.

Your purchasing and estimating teams are also important because project managers will rely on the accuracy of the estimates and the success of the purchasing department and negotiating prices.


By implementing these strategies, you’re setting yourself up for success by avoiding common pitfalls in construction.

There is a famous saying that says prior proper planning prevents poor performance. You can almost guarantee a successful project by planning projects and building a team that can help you plan and execute.

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