The Eco-Friendly Homes Trend – Celebrities Spending Green to go Green

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Environmental causes are becoming increasingly important in defining and shaping our day-to-day lives and the housing market is acting as the new frontier for pioneering new green technologies, with eco-friendly homes reaching new levels of popularity and sophistication. The Hollywood A-list have taken up the eco-friendly trend and run with it, by transforming their lavish homes into eco-friendly sanctuaries.


Celebrities are now spending serious cash on achieving their green-living dreams and are creating some of the most sophisticated and inventive eco-homes in the green community. Johnny Depp, for example, recently enlisted the help of project developer Mike Stritzi to transform his 35 acre hideaway in the Bahamas, to the tune of $500,000. Depp is now the proud owner of a self-sustaining eco-friendly sanctuary that uses solar and hydrogen power to provide enough clean energy to power the entire property.


And Depp is not alone in his green endeavours. We all remember Alicia Silverstone from the 1995 cult teen classic Clueless, but she is anything but clueless when it comes to her green credentials. Silverstone’s LA home is unsurpassed in the green community, with energy saving appliances, a solar panelled roof and recycled materials from floor to ceiling, all in the quest for a green oasis.


While many of us share the A-lists green aspirations for our own homes, we do not necessarily share their financial reserves. So while a Johnny Depp-style Caribbean eco-retreat may remain a pipe-dream, here are some tips for finding and creating eco-friendly properties that anyone and everyone can achieve.


Choose Your Materials Carefully

By straying away from the more traditional options of concrete, bricks and mortar you can build your eco-friendly home from the ground up. Timber framed houses are sturdy, insulating and long-lasting, and are often cheaper than their more traditional counterparts. 


But if you really want to push the boat out, then why not embrace the Earth Ship design that makes good use of the tens of millions of old car tyres lying in tips and landfills to create innovative, low carbon homes.


Green Alternatives to Fuel Your Home

Heat pumps, biomass heating systems and solar panels all provide clean, renewable energy to power your home. Although energy-saving home improvements can be initially costly, the long-term savings in your fuel bills will easily cover the installation costs. And to top it off you can earn cash-back for each kilowatt of clean energy that you produce. 


Environmentally Friendly Dcor

There are a huge variety of small, local and independent designers creating stylish and unique pieces using reclaimed and recycled materials. By venturing into your local demolition or refurbishment project to source old furniture and materials you can find cheap, unique and eco-friendly pieces and avoid the hassle of the high-street. 



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By Franki Chaffin-Edwards

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