The Top 10 Most Secure U.S. Housing Markets

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Revealed! The Top 10 Most Secure U.S. Housing Markets

Choosing a secure housing market is one of the best ways to ensure your real estate investments don’t go sour within a few years. It’s essential to look at many factors before considering investing in the area, and you want to ensure you know as much as possible about the housing market. If you want to see a few places around the country with an excellent housing market, look at this list, where we’ll reveal the top 10 most secure housing markets in the country.

1) Austin, Texas

Population: 964,177

Average Home Price: $540,000

Number of Avg Active Listings: 3193

Texas has become a popular place to consider for anyone looking to work in tech or aerospace, and that’s why the state has seen such a significant increase in new residences. Dallas has always been a popular city, but home costs have become relatively high, so people have moved to places like Austin (median home value in the 600k range) to find an inexpensive home that is still a few hours away from the big city.

2) Burlington, Connecticut

Population: 9,665

Average Home Price: $450,000

Number of Avg Active Listings: 28

Connecticut has started to see a significant rise in new residents who want to take advantage of the great home prices and the excellent views. Burlington is a wonderful little town with great charm and many great homes for sale. It has become a massive hit for those seeking a home with a beautiful forest view.

3) Tampa, Florida

Population: 387,050

Average Home Price: $410,000

Number of Avg Active Listings: 2306

Vacation towns have started to be a big hit with anyone working remotely. With a rise in online jobs, people have begun to gravitate towards areas they have always wanted to live in now that they can afford them without taking a career in the area. Tampa has always had many tourists, but they have seen a rise in permanent residents in the last few years.


4) Raleigh, North Carolina

Population: 469,124

Average Home Price: $412,500

Number of Avg Active Listings: 1208

North Carolina is another place that has seen many residents in the last few years, but it has done a fantastic job of keeping up by having constant new home construction. New homes mean that the market will always be able to sustain the population, and it will keep home prices down (current home prices are in the 400k range). Raleigh is a great place to consider if you want to purchase some investment homes.

5) Nashville, Tennessee

Population: 692,587

Average Home Price: $440,000

Number of Avg Active Listings: 2533

Nashville has always brought in a constant flow of new residents and visitors, so its economy has been steady for a long time. The housing market in the area is doing well, and prices are currently sitting in the mid-400k range. The city has become a huge hit with those looking for new job opportunities, so consider Nashville if you want to purchase some new property.

6) Phoenix, Arizona

Population: 1,625,000

Average Home Price: $409,995

Number of Avg Active Listings: 4468

Another place that has kept up with the high demand for new homes is Phoenix. This delightful city has also become a huge hit with those looking for jobs in tech, and many large companies have started to move to the area. This is a fantastic choice if you want a city with a steady economy and a great construction rate.

7) Atlanta, Georgia

Population: 496,461

Average Home Price: $400,000

Number of Avg Active Listings: 3409

Atlanta is a gorgeous place to consider if you want to purchase some new homes, and it’s one of the best cities on the map for rural properties. Farmland has become a big hit with those looking to live a homesteader lifestyle, and Atlanta is a great place to find these properties.

8) Orlando, Florida

Population: 309,154

Average Home Price: $350,000

Number of Avg Active Listings: 2450

We mentioned how vacation towns have risen in popularity, and Orlando is a great example. People from all over the country come to Orlando to visit one of the many amusement parks or spend some time on the fantastic beaches. Living in Orlando full-time has become much easier with the great homes prices and wide availability of homes for sale in the area,

9) San Antonio, Texas

Population: 1,452,000

Average Home Price: $279,900

Number of Avg Active Listings: 7889

We already talked about a few great spots in Texas, which has plenty of great areas to find stable housing markets. San Antonio is starting to be an investor’s paradise, with the home prices sitting in the 300k range. The excellent location makes it ideal for those who want to be close to all the great action in the surrounding states.

10) Charlotte, North Carolina

Population: 879,709

Average Home Price: $390,000

Number of Avg Active Listings: 2343

Many people have started seeking out less populated cities to live in quieter areas and escape the busy metro lifestyle. Charlotte is a gorgeous city, and it has about 800,000 residents. The economy in North Carolina is becoming very steady due to the large number of new companies who have moved there, and the real estate market has been doing well for a while.

There are plenty of unique spots around the country where you can find a steady housing market to make your real estate investments. Doing more research on each place is a good idea before considering making too many investments. Look online at some of the great homes in these cities today to see which ones suit your budget the best.

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