The Ultimate Obsession: 4 Benefits of Purchasing Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

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Before diving into the world of ready-to-assemble cabinets and everything that it entails, it should be understood what ready-to-assemble cabinets are. These are cabinets that are either shipped to your doorstep or bought in stores but are in separate units. Along with the materials are tools and specific instructions on how the consumer should assemble it.


These days, the sales of ready to assemble cabinets have been exponentially increasing as consumers realize the numerous benefits the product can offer to the consumers. Listed below are just a few:

Clear-cut and Cheap

Convenience and affordability are the top two factors that weigh the most on a consumer’s decision on whether he/she should choose this product over the other and in this case, ready to assemble cabinets are in the lead. Its convenience is based on its ease to construct as it was made for the consumers to understand right away. While its affordability stems from it being way cheaper than custom made cabinets that are double, triple and sometimes even quadruple the price of ready to assemble cabinets; not to mention that there won’t be a fee to install it anymore.

Ciao Cabinetmaker

Mentioned above, ready to assemble cabinets are in no need of other people other than the consumer to put together the parts, there is no need to hire someone to measure and create a cabinet to put in your home.

Custom Cabinets, Who?

One of the things that ready to assemble cabinets lack is the inability to create the exact design the consumer wants; they’d have to choose over the available models in brick and mortar stores or online. However, cheaper alternatives are still available for the consumers, numerous ready to assemble cabinets are made up of materials that allow additional moldings and incorporation of accent pieces even though it isn’t from the same seller or brand they bought the cabinet from. The cost of the ready to assemble cabinets, and additional moldings and accent pieces would still be remarkably cheaper than having cabinets custom made.

Computer Savvy

Aside from the specific instructions given with the tools and materials to be used for the ready to assemble cabinets, there are numerous video tutorials on assembling cabinets on the internet specifically on YouTube. Some consumers may be confused on the instructions given, or the instructions may leave out essential information that consumers should already have knowledge of but don’t. After a few clicks on the laptop or a few taps on the phone should lead the consumer straight to a website that offers a more straightforward step by step instruction to assemble his/her cabinet quicker.

Cabinets, Here We Come: Brick and Mortar Stores and Online Stores

There isn’t much of a difference when purchasing from brick and mortar stores and online stores, the decision most likely would depend on the consumers’ geographical location, if there are brick and mortar stores nearby and if not, then the only option is to purchase a ready to assemble cabinet online.

Nearby Brick and Mortar Stores

Some stores that sell ready-to-assemble cabinets have quite a few choices, but big box stores such as, IKEA, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Costco have more options and are more trustworthy based on their brand, materials, customer service, and feedback. An advantage of brick and mortar stores are the numerous employees waiting on the customer, ready to answer any question that the customer might have or even provide or offer suggestions on what design should they get as they are more knowledgeable of the products.

Surf those Online Stores

Most consumers might be hesitant on buying items online especially cabinets, as it is costly. They’d rather not risk on ordering online and receive what they wanted on their doorstep in perfect condition but have it three times smaller than its actual size or just because they don’t know if that a particular type of material the store offers would be to their taste. However, in the present time, legit online sellers who aim to provide their consumers with comfort offer door samples. These are small blocks of wood that online sellers offer in exchange for a small refundable deposit.


Now with enough background knowledge on ready-to-assemble cabinets, isn’t there already a decision made? Ready to assemble cabinets over the custom made cabinets any day, based on price, labor, ease, and comfort. Hop on the bandwagon, purchase your own ready to assemble cabinet, and marvel at the wonders it provides.


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