Unconventional ways to find new real estate clients

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As a matter of fact, to become a successful real estate lead generator you need to perform way batter than the majority of the agents on the market. To do that, you would require to use a bunch of off-the-shelf approaches that will make you stand out from the crowd. Today, we present you with a list of the top advice from the industry experts to easily generate the best and quality leads, especially in case you just started.

Donate a part of your income on Charity


Normally, you should devote about 10 percent of your income to local schools or colleges in your area. This is just a matter of setting yourself from your competitors while adding some value in your neighborhood. A circumstance is created by you can become a lottery ticket in the future. You may even raise your future partner this way.

Get used to playing team games

In group sports like soccer or basketball, you operate together with a team to reach some objective. Confidence along the way is developed between the teammates as well. This will definitely ensure it is easy for you to get the job done once anyone has a demand to buy or sell a property. That’s a huge advantage if you ask me. Make sure that you are referring to everyone as a trusted real estate agent.

Add NFC or QR smart-signs outside the property

Make sure to include NFC or QR-code equipped signs outside the properties that are listed for sale. With the widespread of smartphones, your clients will be able to scan the code on the sign to get the information about the property, watch a room tour and get the price without even calling you first. Speed is extremely vital nowadays and brings you more quality leads. You also save each other time too.

Follow-up luxury clients in a tech-savvy way

Engage with your potential clients when on a open-house sessions. Don’t pressure them with your ready lists, this doesn’t work on a luxury market and especially with this type of clients. Instead, just ask whether they’re coming from and their names, that’s all you need to do for now. You will something like that: “Jane Casper from San Diego, California”. The rest is the story, do a reverse lookup with any taxation database available or go for Nuwber which will show you all the details you need in the form of a affordable report. In most cases, you will get the correct street address, email, and even the personal cell-phone number, all with just the name and the city. Impressive?


A simple thank you card delivered to them in a while is a fantastic approach that shows your customers that you’re not only a good listener but a tech-savvy person as well, which is a great characteristic for a real estate agent in 2020.

Present Personalized Support

It may sound like a contradiction, however, if you’d like to become huge in the industry, you may need to become smaller to serve each client’s needs. Most experienced estate agents focus on a record of fewer than 200 customers and provide them with the utmost components of significance, exceptional care, and all the information related to the real estate they might ever need. The main aspect of going this way is to become their on-the-go realtor and ask for a referral or compliment once you have a chance to talk about that. This method not only gives you the opportunity to build a tight relationship and a thankful client base but will result in gaining hotter leads than usual.

Become a realtor that is known locally

Certainly, one of the greatest approaches is always to convince your customers you are a master in the local housing industry. Become an opinion leader, post to local newspapers and websites, tell people about industry-related deals, stories, and events.

Launch an All-Day Open House Session

Locate a professional having a located house listing or the one within it having adequate foot-traffic and ask whether you may launch a full-day opening. Set up a few billboards locally and operate from the local coffee shop. In case someone calls in and you should only tell them you’ll be there in less than 5 minutes. As a result, you get better leads and the listing owner gets more views of the property. This is a win-win situation for both parties.

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