Useful Tips to Improve the Decor of Your Home with Window Blinds

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Leaving your windows bare does not only make the interior of your home unattractive. They also allow too much natural light inside, raisingthe temperature indoors and requiring your air conditioning system to work harder. They can also be a magnet for prying eyes, affecting the privacyof your home. Of course, you don’t want to deal with any of these issues. So toavoid them, your best bet is to dress your windows with treatments.

While there are a number of good window treatments to choose from, nothing beats the durability, function, and style of window blinds. Their structured form allows them to lend a sophisticated and streamlined look to a space, while their simple pull cord or wand makes them easy to operate. With proper care and maintenance, they could last for decades.

Using window blinds is one of the best ways to enhance the function and appearance of your home. So if your’e ready to make them a part of your decor, here are some tips you can follow.

Go cordless for safety and convenience

If you have children and pets at home, consider picking cordless blinds or those that raise and lower when a slight pressure is applied to their bottom rails. The absence of cords or chains makes them a safe option for kids and they also offer convenience since they can be easily operated with just one touch.

Like most treatments, cordless window blinds are available in a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes. As such, finding one that suits your needs will not be difficult. For vibrant colour, you may opt for units with metal slats. Their colour application is usually brighter and could withstand daily abuse. However, if you want to enhance the architectural details of your windows, go for cordless wood blinds that have a quality stain or painted finish.

Mind how you mount them

Window blinds that can be found at, whether horizontal or vertical,could be mounted inside or outside the window frame. The choice is always a matter of personal preference, though many homeowners choose to mount their blinds inside the frame for a number of reasons. Inside mounting helps keep the blinds from interfering with each other and also help emphasize the structure of the windows. It also helps reduce energy cost since the blinds sit closer to the window, reducing the amount of gaps where conditioned air could escape. However, it should be noted that the efficacy of inside mounted blinds will only be possible if the blinds themselves are actually designed to perfectly fit the windows.

Outside mounting is a suitable option if you are unable to mount blinds inside the frame. This may be due to the presence of a crank handle inside the window frame or if the window is not deep enough to hold the blinds.

Think vertical to add height

If your goal is to enhance the height of a room, opt for vertical blinds. Their form will help make a low ceiling look higher and could also make the illusion that your windows are taller. When mounting vertical blinds, be sure to leave at least inch clearance from the floor. This will ensure that the lower end of the blinds will not become trip hazards.

Put two together

Although blinds have that streamlined look that easily makes a space look neat and organized, their structured simplicity could also make our windows look too hard or boring. To soften the appearance, combine blinds with soft treatments such as curtains, sheer drapes or valances. The soft treatments will help add a jolt of colour to your windows. You may also use cornices to cover the top-most portions of your blinds and add architectural interest to them.

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