What Are The Benefits of Hurricane Impact Doors?

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Best described as a tropical storm that further develops over the top of oceanic waters, a hurricane has the capability of turning into a devastating and deadly weather event in a hurry. While the season for this type of storm typically occurs between June and November, Trip Savvy states that the majority of the hurricane season happens between August and October. These storms are most common to land in and around the following states:

  • Florida (approx. 40 hurricanes have hit land since 1851)
  • Texas
  • Louisiana

Benefits of Installing Hurricane Impact Doors

Hurricane Protection

One of the most important benefits to having hurricane impact doors installed is the fact that they provide your home with hurricane protection. This is made possible due to the heavy-duty material building material used to make the doors sturdy and durable, helping them to stand strong during deadly wind forces. No other home protective system has the same capability.

Energy Saver

In addition to providing as much protection as it can from a hurricane, these specific impact doors are also capable of decreasing the amount of energy consumed throughout the home. This is especially true as it pertains to heating and cooling systems; inthis sense, hurricane impact doors work to reduce energy consumption by keeping summertime heat outside and indoors during the wintertime.

Décor Options

As it pertains to the overall style of a hurricane impact door there is nothing generic. Instead, there are more than a few designs and styles that further compliment a specific décor and personal style. There is something for everyone’s style, from hinged French Doors to more simplistic sliding door systems, as well  as several options in materials such as aluminum, wood grain, and fiberglass. . Industry leader SIW offers the only exterior hurricane resistant Pivot Door, which is a unique door system in which the door quite literally pivots – opening halfway to the interior, and halfway to the exterior. Beautiful and tranquil, these doors are popular amongst minimalists and those looking for a quieter open/close mechanism.

Decreased Insurance Costs

Hurricane impact doors can even be beneficial as it pertains to a given home insurance premium. Here, certain insurance companies see hurricane impact doors as a windstorm protection system. While there are only specific doors that will qualify you for insurance coverage ,your home can be covered as long as the selected impact doors meet the specified requirements stated by the insurance companies.

UV Rays

Another benefit that hurricane doors offer is protection from the sun – and more specifically, the deadly UV rays which are greatly reduced when a hurricane impact door system has been installed. Additionally, the use of these doors keeps UV rays from destroying interior belongings such as furniture, drapes, flooring, and more.

Decreased Noise

Lastly, another large benefit of hurricane impact doors is that they can keep the outside noise from coming in. Although not altogether eliminated, outside noise is drastically reduced which helps those who live around noisy neighbors and/or businesses. Just as there are multiple choices in the style of these doors, you also have the option of selecting laminate or insulated laminate.

Hurricanes can become deadly weather events in an instant, and hurricane doors are an affordable solution that can be beneficial in more ways than one. As you’ve learned above, these benefits include reduction from noise, UV rays, and – of course – hurricane protection.

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