When Renovating Your Bathrooms, Remember to Update the Plumbing 

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When choosing renovating projects, it is best to choose those that improve your home’s functionality instead of its appearance, such as bathroom renovations. A bathroom renovation is a massive project which will probably require a contractor. It will also consume a substantial sum which can go to waste if the plumbing is poor. 

Therefore, you should consider updating the plumbing when you renovate your bathrooms. Plumbing often needs repair or replacement, and a bathroom renovation allows you to do both. 

The following are reasons to consider updating the plumbing when renovating your bathroom:

Replace Old Fixtures

Unlike what most owners believe, plumbing fixtures are not meant to last for decades. A bathroom remodel gives you an excellent opportunity to replace your bathroom fixtures and other plumbing fixtures around the house. You should evaluate plumbing fixtures to ensure they are not ancient when considering buying a home. The older they are, the higher the chances they will break down and cause you to buy new fixtures. 

It would be best if you kept evaluating them until it is time to replace the fixtures, for example, during a bathroom remodel. Replacing old plumbing fixtures means less water wastage, better water quality, and lower water bills. 

Repair and Replace Pipes

When you move into a new home, you will probably not repair or replace the pipes unless there is a significant issue with the pipes. However, a bathroom renovation gives you an excellent chance to replace old pipes which may be decades old. You should especially replace the old pipes if you install new plumbing fixtures and appliances in the house. 

Modern piping, often made of copper and PVC, among other materials, is best for modern appliances. Replacing the pipes ensures great flow, fewer plumbing disasters, and compliance with building codes.

For example, you may live in an old building that still has lead pipes, and a renovation allows you to identify and replace them. You may need to tear down walls to replace the pipes, which is excellent because you would probably do it either way as part of the renovation.

Fixing Water Damage

One of the main reasons why people perform bathroom renovations is water damage. The damage is often caused by faulty plumbing, so a bathroom renovation gives you a great chance to fix the water damage in the bathroom and other rooms. Plumbing services can help spot these issues before they create more serious issues.

It is easier to find out the cause of water damage on your property during a bathroom renovation because you will already be breaking down bathroom walls and appliances like sinks, so you can get to the root cause of water damage issues. Unlike other times when all you can do is address the symptoms of water damage, a bathroom renovation is a fantastic time.

Increased Safety

When most people perform bathroom renovations, they typically think of enhancing the bathroom’s appearance, but it also prevents an opportunity to make the bathroom safer. Bathroom accidents are a leading cause of death, so why not take the chance to enhance your bathroom’s safety during a renovation? 

You can install a more adhesive material, so water-related accidents are less likely to occur. You can also ensure that there are no loose electrical wires or misplaced outlets that can lead to electrocution. Consider the design of the bathroom and ask the architect to develop one that enhances safety. If your bathroom is safer, you and your loved ones will enjoy the renovations even more.

Reduce Clogging

Clogging is often a sign of issues with the plumbing, and a bathroom renovation is an ideal opportunity to resolve clogging issues in your plumbing. Using a drain snake or an anti-clogging agent is a short-term solution with short-lived results. 

For a longer-term solution, you should find out the cause of the clogging and find ways to resolve it for good. It may involve using larger pipes or increasing the suction in various drains. It will help prevent pools of water in the bathroom and the number of pollutants in the water and make your drainage system more efficient when you solve the clogging issues.

Address Mold Growth

If you notice mould in your home, you should address it immediately. However, a bathroom remodel allows you to address the mould growth in the bathroom, which is where it often starts due to the prevalent moisture. 

Look for damp spots, drywall that is coming apart, and dark spots which signify mould. With the renovation, you can go deeper into the issue and find the source of the growth, for example, a leaking pipe which will enable you to resolve the issue for good. 

A bathroom renovation is a considerable and expensive project. Updating your plumbing during a renovation helps you make the most out of the project. Plumbing issues you can address during the bathroom renovation include clogging, safety, mould growth, old pipes, water damage, and faulty fixtures. 

Figure out other plumbing issues you could fix while performing a renovation and kill two birds with one stone.

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