Why Flat Pack Furniture is the Way Forward

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Since its invention fifty years ago, the popularity of flat pack furniture has only risen higher and higher. Nowadays, you’re lucky to find a home that isn’t made up by a majority of flat pack furniture, but what is it about this innovative and simple design that makes it so appealing? Well, a literal flat box of parts that are ready to assemble easily if you follow the instructions could be your new go to decor inspiration, and here’s why.

It’s Simple and Anybody Can Do It

That’s right, literally anyone (or any adult) can assemble flat pack furniture successfully. With a little bit of patience, concentration, and determination, following the “how to” guides so conveniently found within the boxes themselves is an easy enough task and won’t take more than an afternoon. All you’ll need is the right tools, and how hard can that be?


It’s Affordable

It’s no secret that we live in expensive times, and buying or renting a house is expensive enough even before you have to furnish it entirely. Sure, a giant, wooden, oak wood bookcase might look the part, but chances are it’ll cost the part…and the rest. This is where the almighty flat pack furniture comes in. This is one of the reasons that flat pack furniture is so popular nowadays, you can ultimately furnish most of your home for half of the price.

Furniture is no longer needed to be an investment as it was in days’ gone by when our parents were starting out. Nowadays, there’s not a lot of point in filling our rooms with heavy and expensive furniture, especially when the minimalist trend is so rife.

It Blends With the Trends

As mentioned above, the minimalist trend is rife right now, and what says minimalist better than a room full of flat pack furniture? Flat pack furniture lends itself perfectly to this trend and again, doesn’t break the bank. What’s not to love


It’s Easily Transportable

A massive perk to using flat pack furniture, is that it’s very easy to move around. It’s extremely simple to dismantle, and therefore will save you time and money, and make your life a lot easier in certain circumstances, like selling your house fast. If you’re moving a distance, not only is it less heavy work but because of its compact nature, it’ll massively reduce fuel consumption because it’ll take less space, so you can therefore move more at once. The majority of people will move properties more than once in their lifetime, so why not make your life easier now?


It’s Compact

It goes without even saying that flat pack furniture is the most compact furniture you can get. Because of how versatile flat pack furniture is, it can fit into even the smallest of rooms, and often they’re manufactured specifically for this purpose, with features such as sliding doors and expandable sections. It even means that no matter what day of the week your furniture is delivered or bought, that it’ll never get in your way, because you can put it in the corner and forget about it until it’s time to assemble! Not to mention the ease this gives you if you’re moving into a flat or a home with a tight finicky staircase – it saves the heaving struggle of getting it into the room before it’s even assembled. This way you can literally set it up and take it down in the room you’re using it in.


There’s a Huge Range Available

There are all sorts of flat pack sets in different colours, designs and sizes. The vast majority of items will actually come in a variety of colours and sizes, which is a rarity in any other kinds of furniture. There’s bound to be one to match your home, whatever the colour scheme. It’s bright, it’s modern and it’s trendy.


It’s Kinder to the Environment

Last, but by all means not least, it’s the green option. It’s furniture that even David Attenborough would be proud of – on top of everything else it’s economically friendly and sustainable. The great thing about modern designers is that furniture these days is created with a solid wood which is highly resistant and green for the planet. Plus, if there’s not

enough of it, you can easily combine two or more units to make a more spacious piece of furniture that’s entirely unique to you. You can use more, without the guilt.

So what are you waiting for? IKEA is calling your name!


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