Why is My Home Water Pressure so Low?

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Low water pressure is generally very frustrating. It will ruin the best of showers and make all your appliances take much longer to complete their standard cycles than normal.

The best advice is to get hold of a good Sydney plumber and ask them to inspect your system. They should be able to quickly detect the issue and offer you a number of solutions.

However, before you call them it is useful to be aware of some of the most common issues:

  1. Water Meter Valve

If your water meter valve is not fully open, then this will reduce the amount of water flowing to your home.  There are two valves to consider:

  • Your main valve should be located just outside your home. If you have recently had work done it is possible that the valve has not been opened fully. It is easy to check!
  • The second valve is usually in the street and should only be handled by the utility company. However, if they have recently been working in your area then they may not have opened the valve properly. Again it should j=take you a moment to check this and fully open it, if necessary.
  1. Pressure Regulator

Most, but not all homes, have a pressure regulator. This prevents the water supply entering the house from being so high that it could damage your appliances. If this regulator is starting to fail then this could cause you to either have low pressure or fluctuating pressure.

This is something that you should get professional help with as it is on the main supply into your home.

  1. Blockage

One scenario that you can only hope you don’t have is blockage in the pipe. This is usually because the pipes have become corroded and the buildup inside the pipes is now affecting the water flow.

Unfortunately, unless this is because of something specific entering your pipes then this is like to result in pipe replacement and even all the plumbing in your home.

The pressure will have reduced gradually over time but you will only notice when you realize your pressure is much lower than your neighbors.

  1. Water Board Issue

It is possible that the water board is working on the pipes in your area or has experienced an issue at their control centre. This can result in a sudden drop in water pressure which can be concerning if you have not been advised they are working in your area.

If your neighbors have the same issue then you can wait for the problem to resolve itself or contact the water company to ask what is happening.

  1. A Leak

If the water is leaking out of your system then the water pressure to the other appliances will suffer. The larger the leak the bigger the drop in your water pressure.

To test for this shut all the water taps inside your home and look at your meter. You may be able to see the dial moving. If not, take a note of the meter reading and take another look later in the day. If it has changed you have a leak and will need professional help to find it and then repair it.

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