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The exterior of a house says a lot about the aesthetic sense of the owner. even if you want to sell a house, exterior is the first impression that the customer will never forget. A shabby, old and boring exterior set a mood for the customer, if he is not happy with the exterior, he will hardly be interested in exploring the interior. With a little detail, good paint job, better railing and perfectly trimmed windows anything can change. if you can’t afford to change the whole place, start with installing new windows and you will have a dream house.

Even in dollhouses, one thing that makes the whole house looks like a fairy castle is its fancy window frames so, what can you possibly experiment with if you are looking for interesting ideas for your windows. From traditional wooden window frames to the modern aluminum framing, everything has changed. Just with a touch of change in color and design you will see a great change in the overall exterior look of your house. 

If you are looking for an inspiration, here are few of the stylish yet modern window frames that you can try in your house according to your aesthetic sense and persona preference. 

Bump-out Window

If you have a townhouse that lacks accent, these charming bump-up window frames with wood wall are defiantly what you should add to your house. These windows are not just about trims and glass panels; they are what your house craves because they enhance the appeal make it more decorative. 

Glassless Windows

If your house is a bit in open, you want to enjoy the gentle breeze, so your choice must be glassless windows. these windows are ideal for open air buildings and their creative frames add character as well as appeal to any place. if you have a glassless window but want to still accentuate the overall look, louvered windows are best. With plenty of natural light and easy flow of air, these windows are ideal for any house. 

Louvered Window

For someone trying to figure out a functional way to sort out the glass storefront, nothing gets better than a louvered window cover. This will add a stylish look that will let the light in but still reduce the glare. you won’t miss out natural light and have a very breezy and light interior. These frames give a sense of privacy while making the exterior stand out and interior comfortable. 

Traditional Window Frame

When it comes to farm houses, traditional lumber framing windows are all you want to have. these rustic window frames with thin trim glass can take you back to 90’s. Painting the overall frame gray will add a beautiful neutral appeal to the house and make it blend with the garden view just like we see in a natural cottage. 

Casement Window

An economical yet stylish window option that you must consider is a cement window with wood framing. these windows give a traditional rustic look that will make your house look cheerful. If you paint the color of the wood with complimentary chestnut, this will accentuate the darker kebony wood that can add a character to your house. Else you can paint it white to have a more elegant look.


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