10 Ways To Fill Your Home With Flowers and Plants This Spring

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Feeling inspired by RHS Chelsea Flower Show?

Flowers can give any room a new lease of life and make you feel like its the middle of spring, even when the temperature reminds you we still have a while to go until then. I love filling my house with flowers and always have at least one bunch in my room. My mum is the same and every time I return from uni, I am greeted with bouquets of fresh flowers scattered aroud the house.

Since spring is on the way (and hopefully the warmer weather) this post will show some ways you can make your house more floral. Whether you prefer a classic tulip or the more edgy terrarium, below are some ideas to make give your home a flowery makeover.

If this has inspired you to revamp your garden then take a look at our Garden Ideas Pinterest board for top tips and tricks.

1. Traditional

Sometimes, simple is best, so I have chosen fresh flowers in a simple vase as part of this list. This is the easiest way to add flowers to your home. Saying this, there are variations you can make to offer something different each time. Whether you opt for a pre-set bouquet of fresh roses delivered to your door or play florist by redesigning your arrangement, there will always be a place for fresh flowers in any home.

Source: Flower Muse

2. Artificial Flowers

I feel as though people sometimes shy away from artificial flowers. This may be to the sometimes seemingly large initial cost and the commitment to one type of flower as they will practically last forever! I am guilty of shying away from buying faux flowers due to the price as it can feel as though you are spending a lot. However, it actually works out cheaper to buy a bunch of artificial flowers that last years, than to splash out each time your real flowers die. Most artificial plants actually look so similar to the real deal that most people wouldn’t know the difference until closer inspection.  IKEA have a great selection of artificial flowers and plants to choose from.
Source: IKEA

3. Quirky flowers

This isn’t exactly a new idea, but I can’t help thinking that flowers in quirky objects just look so cute! From milk jugs to teapots, there are no rules here. I recently bought a massive bunch of flowers without remembering that I have no vases, so I split them between Kilner jar-style glass mugs and it actually looked really lovely! Another good thing about this method is that you can alter the holder to match your mood, décor, or the season and it requires practically no effort but gives big results!
Source: Pinterest

4. Herbs

I am a self-confessed herb and cooking addict. One of my dreams is to own a home in the future where the kitchen can always be filled with fragrant, fresh herbs (a far cry from the one jar of oregano I can fit into my tiny kitchen cupboard in my student house!). The best thing about this idea is that it is actually so practical and looks pretty. They also look quite impressive and grown up when guests come round!

5. House plants

For some people, flowers are just a no-go. Some people just don’t like the whole floral thing and would never dream of having flowers in their homes which is why I have included this option. The best thing about indoor plants is that they require little effort and are especially great if you don’t have a garden as they bring a little greenery to life.
House Plant
Source: Pinterest

6. ‘Manly’ flowers

Although I don’t see anything wrong with a man indulging in some flowers to brighten up the house, not everyone will be so keen on the idea of the pinks and purples associated with some of the most common flowers. But plants don’t have to be seen as feminine; there are plenty that will suit a more masculine décor and colour palette such as those below. These are still really pretty but would fit perfectly into a bachelor pad.
Source: Pinterest

7. Cacti

As with above, some people aren’t keen on actual flowers in the home. This is where cacti are great as they are so visually interesting and you can choose practically any size and shape plant. They are also super low maintenance so even the least green-fingered of people can keep them alive!

8. Terrariums

Terrariums are quite a new concept for me. I only heard of them about 6 months ago but I fell in love with them instantly. You can buy them pre-made or even make your own (take a look at Kirstie Allsops Handmade Christmas to see how to make them). These are so pretty they are actually more art than anything else but you can include as much greenery as you want and create a mini garden in your living room. This is especially good for those with limited space or those who don’t have a garden as you can create your own personal garden n your very own living room.

9. Bulbs

There is something satisfying about seeing something come to life. This is why bulbs are a nice addition to the house as before you know it, the bulb you planted has blossomed into something beautiful. It also is a nice way to test your gardening skills or start with baby steps as a beginner. It gives you the satisfaction of planting, without the hours of digging and allows you to actually display the result in your home.

10. Vertical Wall Garden

This is another fairly new concept for me. I have been seeing a lot of plant walls on social media and the internet lately where entire walls are covered in greenery and act as a living wall (See this bathroom plant wall). Whilst I love this idea, it’s not the most practical for normal houses (think of all the cleaning!). However, vertical wall gardens such as below can allow for this idea to be carried out on a smaller scale but still deliver big impact.
Personally, I think that bringing flowers into the home is the easiest thing you can do to alter the look and feel of a room. I believe this becomes especially important when renting as it allows you to express yourself without the more permanent change that redecorating brings. Flowers allows you to easily alter the vibe of your house throughout the year without worrying about damaging the property in any way.
So whichever method you choose, these are the perfect ways to fill your home with flowers and get an early start for the upcoming spring.

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