5 tips for hiring an industrial roofing company for your businesses office space

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The roof of any building is vitally important as it offers protection against the elements, but inevitably over time most roofs will develop some kind of problem and need repairing or replacing.


If your commercial premises need some roof work done it’s important to act quickly, as letting things go will only devalue the property’s and risk it becoming uninhabitable. However, although you shouldn’t put off hiring an industrial roofing company to tackle the job it isn’t wise to simply call the first place who’s number you come across, with no idea of their abilities, experience or qualifications.


Using the five handy tips outlined below will make it easier to sort through the chaff and hire a roofing company that you can feel confident about.


Tip #1 – Ask for personal recommendations

Friends, family members, neighbors, even members of local Facebook pages can be great resources when you want a roofing contractor someone can actually recommend, but as industrial roofers are specialists it may be better to look and ask on business-related social media groups.


Tip #2 – A roof inspection is standard

Few legitimate industrial roofing contractors would attempt to give you a quote for a roof they haven’t even seen, so run a mile from a company which offers a quote without asking lots of questions and arranging an in-person visit. [Always get at least 2-3 quotes to get an idea of average costs.]


Tip #3 – Check all their paperwork

A solid, trustworthy industrial roofing company should have no problem showing you the certifications and licenses their workforce hold. How about their insurance? Look for proof of both public liability and a policy which covers their own workforce for any damage they may cause or injury they may receive.


Tip#4 – Check out the warranty on the table

Are you satisfied with its length, what it covers and excludes, and the length of time it is valid for? Remember there are two types of warranty:


  •         The manufacturer warranty – which covers materials supplied.
  •         The contractor warranty –which should cover the labor undertaken.


Ask a potential roofing contractor how they figure out warranties – for example, do they cover the cost of both materials and labor should a repair need to be made while the warranty is active?


Tip #5 – Do they have the right experience

Not all Commercial Roofing Systems operate equally. Some businesses specialize in repairs, other both install and repair industrial roof space but most of their experience is on one type of commercial roofing, such as flat roofs. It is crucial you are confident an industrial roofing company can deliver exactly what you need.

The investment in time and effort to locate and hire a top flight industrial roofing contractor may seem like yet another job in an already busy schedule but the rewards will always be very much worth it down the line.

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