5 Tips for Taking Property Renovation into Your Own Hands

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Preparing to renovate your property before renting to the next tenants? Renovating an older residence is a great way to increase its value and start earning more in passive income. However, while hiring a renovation team can get the job done, it might cost so much that it’s not worth it. Luckily, you can still upgrade your home without breaking the bank by taking matters into your own hands.

Before you get started taking on a project of this size, we have a few tips to guide you through the process. Follow these tips to ensure you don’t get hurt, drain your finances, or end up with a property that looks worse off than it was prior.


  • Research before getting started.


Taking the time to research the projects you wish to accomplish while remodelling or renovating the residence is the first step. Proper research will fill you in on the skills, tools, and budget necessary to make the changes happen.

If you begin to worry that you won’t be able to handle the project in the research stage, you still have time to hire a team to take the stress off you. This is where research can save you. Nothing is worse than getting halfway through a residence re-haul only to realise you can’t get the job done.


  • Create a budget that’s realistic – and plan for everything.


Making a budget is the best way to safeguard your own finances during the home renovation. Renovation costs can add up quickly, so getting your costs straight from the beginning will ensure you have the financial flexibility to fund the project.

It’s crucial to plan for even the worst-case scenario in your budget. It would be a shame not to be able to finish the job because of unforeseen circumstances.


  • Recognise what you can handle on your own and what you can’t.


There are a lot of things that you can figure out on your own as far as remodelling goes. With a few online training videos and research, you can learn renovation skills and put them to use in your rental project.

There will also likely be a few things you run into that you can’t handle on your own. That’s ok! Don’t push it too hard and attempt something you know you can’t do. Instead, allocate money in the budget to hire a team to accomplish the tasks you can’t.


  • Working on something serious? Consider getting certified.


Even though you may be confident you can carry out a task with DIY knowledge, the results might be better if you consider getting certified. For example, instead of repaving the driveway on your own after watching an online tutorial, consider enrolling in an asphalt paving exam prep course and passing the state certification. Your rental results will be greatly improved, and you can use your new skills and certification in the future!


  • Leave a margin for error.


If you’re tackling handiwork tasks you’ve never done before, there’s a likely chance some things won’t turn out the way you originally imagined. Leaving margin for error in the budget, your mindset, and the final look of the residence will allow for small mistakes to be made without throwing off progress entirely.

Renovation Results

Renovating your rental property is a great way to increase the residence’s value, enhance the tenant’s experience, and earn more through passive income. By taking the gist of the work into your own hands, you’ll be able to provide all of this without spending a fortune or hiring a huge team.

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