6 Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Tips

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Home renovation can be an exciting way to improve your home and make it more visually interesting. There are also challenges, particularly keeping to a budget. Let’s look at 6 tips for home renovation that won’t break the bank. 

1). A Fresh Coat of Paint

Want to know one of the greatest secrets of home renovation? Paint makes everything look new.

The benefits of a fresh coat of paint are actually pretty impressive. Very often, no matter what else you’re looking to do, it won’t quite be complete without a paint job. 

This is because paint makes things look fresh, new, and sharp. It doesn’t matter how dingy and rundown your house looks now, with a fresh coat of paint it will look totally different. 

As Colorado painters Teaberry explain:

“A fresh coat of paint is the fastest way to add value and charm to a home or business. If you are renovating or selling a home, new paint is a must.”

While you can do the paint job yourself, you may find it worth your while to hire some painters, particularly if it’s a difficult-to-reach area or to avoid staining. 

2). Beadboard Ceilings are Better Than Popcorn

One all-too-common problem people who are looking to renovate find they need to solve is popcorn ceilings, which many people find ugly. Instead, go for a beadboard ceiling: elegant, beautiful, and all things considered, quite budget-friendly.

The only tricky thing with this project is the measuring. It’s not at all difficult to get beadboard—you can find it at basically any hardware store—but the tricky part is measuring it and cutting so that it perfectly fits the ceiling. 

If you’re experienced with this kind of thing, not to worry: it’s tricky, but not preternaturally so. However, if you’re still relatively new to home renovation, this is one project you might want to get a little experienced help with.  

We’ve talked before about knowing your limits in renovation projects, and this is one of those times. If you’re going to do this yourself, all well and good, but remember: measure twice, cut once. 

3). Elegant Crown Molding Can Be Classy

If your rooms look too much like simple boxes, try crown molding. It’s elegantly simple, and visually much more worthwhile and interesting than looking at straight lines and corners. 

Crown molding is simply trimming, which you can add to connect your walls and your ceiling. Choose the right crown molding, and the result will be elegant and classy. 

This is a surprisingly simple but effective way to enhance the look of a room. It’s remarkably cheap, and will probably take no more than a few hours. 

4). Get Clever With Closets

Closets can be the key to clearing up space in your room: it’s all in how you use them. 

Start with a good shelving unit from a local store, or even pick up a used one from Craigslist. In keeping with our first tip, you can paint it if need be. 

Shelving is a great way to economize on space, but it’s not the only way. Think about adding rods for hangers, or hooks to hang things on, maybe some baskets. You can combine functionality with aesthetics, not only by painting surfaces—try painting the interior of your closet—but also by choosing the right baskets and other things. 

5). Wallpaper Can Spruce Up Your Walls

Wallpaper, believe it or not, is enjoying a bit of a renaissance. After undergoing a relative lack of interest for a while, wallpaper is in again, and a variety of affordable and interesting wallpaper options are available. 

The beauty of wallpaper is that like paint it is relatively simple, but can improve the visual interest associated with your walls. Also like painting, with its offset walls, you can wallpaper a single wall and draw attention to that wall. 

6). Track Lighting is Good for Highlighting

Track lighting makes for genuinely interesting décor, and it also provides you with a way to highlight things or areas that you want to draw people’s attention to. You can use it to put a spotlight on an interesting trophy or curio, or you can simply choose to highlight a wall—perhaps a nicely-painted or wallpapered one. 

You will need rail system kits to hang the lighting, of course, but these are easily available in home improvement or lighting stores, or online. The finished result should be very gratifying.


Home renovation is your ticket to a much-improved and visually interesting home. There are a variety of projects you can take on that will increase the value of your home and the aesthetic experience living in it, and the 6 we’ve discussed are good cases in point.  


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