7 Tips for Organising Your Home

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Homeowners have the same problem – we gather too much stuff over time. If you’re like many others, your home has become cluttered to the point where it’s no longer easy to ignore. So, if you’re tired of looking at the clutter or trying to improve the curb appeal before you sell, here are some tips for organising your home.

Make a Plan

First, you’ll want to start by simply making a plan. Rather than going from room to room and organising things as you see them, you’ll get much more done if you plan. For each of your rooms, make a list of the things you want to do in there. Maybe you want to buy storage containers, put up some shelves, or throw many things away. By making a plan first, you can gather any supplies you’ll need for your organisation projects and go about things in a much more orderly fashion.

Start with the Most Cluttered Room

When it comes time to start organising, it’s often best to start with your most cluttered room. This is because you have the most energy and motivation at the start of this journey. Your most cluttered room will take the most work, meaning you should get it done and out of the way first. Then, when you’re finished, you’ll have a tremendous sense of accomplishment which will hopefully propel you onto those other rooms, which aren’t as big of a task.

Add New Storage Solutions

To organise your home, you’ll probably need some new storage solutions. They could be large projects like adding a shed to your yard or installing overhead garage storage or smaller solutions like a few rubber tubs that you can stack in your basement. Head over to your local home improvement store and grab your needed supplies. If you can, grab these supplies and do any work you need to do to assemble them before you start organising; otherwise, you may find that stopping to complete these projects could slow your momentum.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Rid of Things

One of the biggest reasons our homes become cluttered is that we don’t like getting rid of things. There are likely many things in your home that you no longer need. Whether it’s old clothing, board games that no longer have all the pieces or those books that don’t fit on your shelves, it’s time to start getting rid of things you no longer want or need. As you’re organising, sort your items into different piles- things you want to keep, things you can sell, things you can donate, and things you can throw away. A good rule is if you haven’t used the item in a few years, you can probably get rid of it.

Label Everything

Another essential step to take while organising is to label your storage containers. For example, if you put a bunch of winter clothing into a rubber tub, write “Winter Clothes” somewhere on the tub. Labelling your storage containers accomplishes two things. First, it makes it easier to find what you’re looking for when you need it later. Second, you’ll have a dedicated spot to put things later. Rather than just putting your stuff anywhere you can, which caused your home clutter in the first place, you can quickly identify the storage container for it and put it away.

Use This Time to Deep Clean

Organising your home is the perfect time to perform a deep clean. As you’re moving things that haven’t been touched in years, you’ll likely find plenty of dust and grime you need to clean. Grab some paper towels and cleaning solutions, then use them while organising. It will likely be a while before you start moving all this stuff around again, so use the opportunity to clean out those dark corners of your home. You’ll feel a lot better about your organisation project if you know that everything is clean underneath.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Finally, give yourself plenty of time for this project. If you have a particularly cluttered home, you likely won’t be able to organize it in just a day. Organising always takes longer than planned, as new tasks come to mind or other interruptions get in our way. Set aside time across multiple weekends for very cluttered homes so you don’t complete only half of the project.

Get Started on Home Organization Today

Organizing your home is more about willpower than any particular skill. However, once you start the process and begin seeing the results of your effort, you’ll likely be motivated to keep going. So, start that process today by writing out a plan, then set aside some time to begin organising your home. Once you finish it, you’ll be glad you made this a priority.

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