Best Standby Generators – things to think about when buying a backup generator

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Buying a backup generator is a big investment, the price between your average portable generator and the average standby model is pretty big. So, you really need to think carefully when buying a backup generator.

There are a lot of things to consider when opting for a backup generator so if you want to ensure you get the best machine for your money read on. Below, I’ve outlined all the areas you need to consider in more detail.

Your Wattage Needs    

One of the essential areas to consider with your generator is the wattage. A home backup generator will need much more power than a portable model although there is still a huge variety in the wattages available. Some backup generators will have huge wattages of around 20,000 while some might seem much smaller at 5,000.

Working out exactly what you need to power your home can take a little work but the more things you need to power the bigger the wattage you will need. So, yes you will need to get some calculations done and go through your home to work out how much power is needed.

Your Budget

Home backup generators can be very expensive although if you do a little searching you might be able to find a model for a more budget-friendly price. The more powerful your generator needs to be the more expensive it will likely be, so make sure you take that into account. Some manufacturers will also be more expensive as well.

Essential Features

Home backup generators can come with a wide variety of different features. Knowing exactly what you will need is difficult but as a minimum, you will often need an automatic transfer switch which will automatically switch to your home’s electronics to your generator when it detects a fault/ outage. 

Warranty/ Maintenance

Home backup generators are a big investment and you will likely be using your generator for a long time so ensuring you have a good warranty is essential. You should also look out for maintenance packages as well so if your generator does break down or develop a fault you will have professional help to rely on.

Installation Help

Knowing how to safely install a generator isn’t exactly easy which is why one of the main things to look out for when buying a generator is the installation service. This will usually come with an additional cost but it is worth it.

Do Your Research

By following my list above you should have a much better chance of buying the best standby generator for your home. But even if you have found what looks like the best generator possible you should make sure you do some research before buying it.



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