Can an Outdoor Kitchen Bump Up Your Home Value?

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If you live in a warm weather climate where outdoor entertainment is a trademark of the daily lifestyle, a home’s outdoor space becomes critical to its success on the market. This is even more so the case when that home comes equipped with an outdoor kitchen. 

Not just any outdoor kitchen will generate buyer interest and a higher resale value, however. It all comes down to the amenities and features that kitchen is equipped with. 

Outdoor Kitchen & ROI

A beautiful, all-encompassing outdoor kitchen can generate a 100-200% ROI depending on the location of the home. Naturally, in areas where the weather is more temperate, such as the Southwest and Southeast, the ROI falls closer to the higher end of the spectrum.

There is just something magical to homeowners, both past and potential, about sitting outside under the sun or moon and enjoying meals with family and friends. But how do you make sure your dream continues to add value to your home?

Weatherproof Cabinetry

No matter what climate you live in, weatherproof cabinetry is essential. Every region sees occasional rain, and even the mildest climates can experience storms. Outdoor kitchen cabinetry made of high-density polyethylene ensures your kitchen hardware withstands wear-and-tear. 

It’s resistant to weathering and extremely easy to clean when dirt and grime occur. Even stainless steel cannot always ensure the same weather-resistant effects and PVC cabinetry tends to have a short lifespan.

Upscale Amenities

From the grill to the dining set, having name brand equipment that is guaranteed quality will boost the overall look, value, and design of your outdoor space. Make sure to add equipment that the homeowner will see as valuable. 

Start with practical additions. Build your cooking space around your grill, and add more Islands for prepping and serving spaces with shelf space beneath. Installing an outdoor bar will also maximize the area’s functionality and appeal to potential buyers. 

Novelties like pizza ovens are great for ROI, but real estate agents warn that if the next homeowner doesn’t think they’ll get much use out of it, it may be undervalued. If that’s the path you want to go, be sure to try to find novelties that users are sure to get used to.

Adequate Staging

Realtors who are looking to earn a little extra when setting their home can see the same ROI on a house that does not have an outdoor dining area by staging one. While it might not be exactly what the homeowner is looking for, filling an empty outdoor space with a dining area that is useful and stylish is guaranteed to make sure that you at least break even on your sale. 

Stage a scene that can be purposed for any season, but add touches of whatever season is present. Centerpieces of beach scented candles for summer or leafy potted plants the color of fall. These small touches help your future home-buyers see the possibility of the space for their family. Even consider adding a touch of festive music as homeowners pass through. If you are doing an open house, you can even add small trays of seasonal foods on the table.

Whether you are looking to sale or improve your living space, an outdoor area is a perfect way to upscale. Designs for outdoor spaces can be a simple and easy way to add extra value to your home without having to start major projects unless you are completely building a space from scratch. Remember to consider weather conditions and equipment you’ll want to use when designing your kitchen space for longest-lasting use so you can maximize your ROI for many more years to come.

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