Easy Hacks To Decorate Your Student Dorm Room

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Imagine being in your dorm room, feeling all relaxed and calm. You lie down on your bed and just want to stay there forever. Your friends and fellow students always love visiting you because your dorm room is visually pleasing. They enter your room, and they are amazed every time.

This amazement is as a result of you decorating your dorm room. Nobody likes going to a room that’s dirty, stuffy, and has an unpleasant smell. This is what will happen if that dorm room isn’t decorated or taken care of.

So, in this post, you will discover seven easy hacks to decorate your room that you’ll fall in love with it.

Use Plants or Potted Plants


This doesn’t mean the fake or plastic plants you can find at the store. A real plant is perfect because first, you’ll have to take care of it to make sure it does not die or wither. With studies showing that there was a 70% increase in student attentiveness in lecture halls that had plants, why not have one in your room.

Also, adding some green into your life and room isn’t such a bad idea. Some plants to consider for your dorm room include cacti, money tree, and African daisies. Remember to place them where there is abundant sunlight.

 Use Fairy Lights or String Lights

These small bulbs are a great decoration for your dorm room, you can either choose between fairy or string lights. Your room will sparkle with these lights, and you can place them on one side of the wall or together with your window curtains. But before you buy and pack them to light up your dorm room, do find out what your school or college says about such lights. Some colleges do prohibit their use while others are okay with it, so better find out this info first from your institution.

 Use Posters, Paintings, and Photos

You can decorate that bare wall to look amazing with posters of your favorite band, artist or animal, painting or art that you like, and photos of yourself that you have framed. You can even have an inspirational poster that reminds you of your goals or what you want to achieve. The point of these is to make your dorm room colorful. You can find cheap posters and paintings to use on sites like Etsy.

 Get a Colorful Rug

Even if your dorm room is small, you can find a suitable rug to brighten the room. You will feel amazing once your feet are on that rug from how soft they are to the comfort. Just choose whatever color you like, whether it’s a black or bright colored rug. With your feet on the rug, you can finally complete course work for me and be ready for the next study day.

 Use Wallpaper Sheets

It should be a removable wallpaper sheet, and you can use it to decorate that boring dorm room wall. Sometimes a dorm room wall has holes or cracks, but with wallpaper, you can cover that hole making the room gorgeous. The good thing about wallpapers is that they come in every design. Also, it’s quite easy to apply it on your wall, and you would have done a good interior design job.

 Use Milk Crates

You can paint them to the color you like, and you can find such a crate for just $4. You can use them as a way to store your clothes, books, and other items. You will be doing this and try to create space because most students complain that space is lacking in their dorm room. But with a milk crate, you can stuff away a lot of things that might be taking up space. Therefore, an organized room is a well-decorated room.

Get a Bean Bag

The big advantage of bean bags is that they don’t take up much space plus they are really comfortable. Therefore, if space is a big concern of yours, a bean bag might be the solution. You can relax on it, and whether you’re playing a video game or watching your favorite show, they are perfect for you.

 With all these tips, you can have that dorm room decorated in a jiffy. You will be happy to be in your room, and any stresses or troubles you had will be left at the door.

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